• McDreamy Toe Love – Lynn, Jamie & Sasha

    Something for everyone in this hot clip. It start out with Lynn lying on the bed in the pose, and in come Jaime, and Sasha. In no time they are sucking on Lynn’s cute little toes, and licking up her soles. Sasha and Jaime take turns double teaming each other’s foot. First Jaime joins in with Sasha working the right foot, then they both move to the left. Nothing quite as hot as two lovelies sharing a single foot, and worshipping the hell out of it… Now it’s Sasha’s turn. She lies down on her back, and Jaime and Lynn each grab a foot and go to work. You get some nice IN YOUR FACE foot close ups as the girls suck and lick on Sasha’s feet. In between toes, and licking up soles. Nothing’s missed, and you have Sasha’s sexy deep voice egging them on, and facial expressions as the icing on the cake… Now it’s Jaime’s turn. I have to admit even I enjoy watching Jaime getting her toes sucked. She is still fairly new, but she gets into it as much as Sasha, Carmen and some of our other girls who ABSOOLUTELY LOVE having their toes sucked. Or I should say, enjoy as much or moreso receiving as giving. You get some nice talk, and facial expressions in the background, and nice plump toes, and soft soles in your face! This hot action ends in a three way kiss between these beauties. You’re sure toe enjoy!


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