• Maria & Monica – First Timer

    This was released backwards, and had fallen out of sequence but you are sure to enjoy all the same. This is Marias first foot worship session when she came to model for us. We paired her with a foot loving pro, Monica. Maria is waiting anxiously in the bedroom for Monica who is going to give her some female foot worship. Monica comes in, and taking it easy with her new friend slowly massages then kisses her feet, and licks her soles… Now that she has eased her friend to the power of the footplay, she gets a bit more bold with the foot worship, licking between her toes, and sucking on her digits… Marias a bit ticklish, but from her facial expressions you can see she is definitely enjoying Monica’s tongue on her tootsies… Monica, naughty as always takes Marias feet and rubs them on her chest before the twosome change positions. You can see how nervous Maria is at first working Monica’s long toes and feet. She slowly eases into it before going full out sucking her toes. Monica loving a good foot worship rubs her feet on Marias legs as she tongues her toes. You never know how a first time session will turn out, but this one is sure not to disappoint!


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