• Lazy Ass Foot Worship – Becky, Chelsea & Monica

    Monica comes home from a hard day’s work, and left Becky and Chelsea alone to do some chores. Imagine her frustration when she comes home to a filthy house. Even worse, the girls are sleeping. Monica barges in, wakes them up and confronts them. They admit to being lazy, and offer a way to make it up to her with foot worship. Monica’s all about that. She loves having her big feet, and soft meaty soles worshipped by two lovely ladies… Monica’s sexy talk always adds a bit of LIFT OFF to your johnson as she whispers hot foot loving suggestions to her lovers. Mmmm I like that. Suck those toes. Yeah bite ‘em. Whew! That kinda of stuff always makes me hot, then you mix in two honeys who can suck a mean toe and you have one hot scene… Monica switches is up, and decides to reward her lovers in kind for the hot sucking they delivered on her tootsies. She grabs a foot from each of them in some of the hottest worship you’ve seen licks up and down those soles. Watch Chelsea’s toes curl as it tickles. Also Monica is not shy about sucking a toe, and devours those big toes on the one foot, then the second. Only YOU could do it better… Monica switches to the next foot, and you get some of those KILLER sole views as she worships each foot. Chelsea and Becky interlock their toes while Monica sucks away. You get some more long passionate sole slurping licks on their feet. Chelsea’s kinda ticklish, and Becky is enjoying the show before Monica returns to her feet. Monica then puts their feet together and takes both feet, and TAKES BOTH BIG TOES IN HER MOUTH AT ONCE!! Talk about SCH-WING! This is a hot scene for the amount of variety, angles, and full on foot slurping loving for your pleasure. This is a keeper. Enjoy!


    Find it at http://www.footplaygirls.com

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