• Jamie – Soles & Pose

    Two clips in one! 1) I am normally not a big fan of redheads, but this little cutie definitely has something. From head to toes, there is something about her. By the end of the shoot she was relaxed and all smiles. In this clips she starts out at the table and I get some nice toe top shots. I then move around behind the chair. I have her put her feet on the rail underneath and she curls and spreads her toes. I zoom in for some nice sole views of this action. I then move around to the front. She puts her feet up on the table. While I zoom in for some close ups of the soles, this little cutie does a lot of toe curling, spreading, pointing. It’s almost like she knows what you like and is giving it to you. I then walk around for some more toe top views of her wiggling and pointing painted toes. Delicious! I move back around for some more toe curling wrinkled soles. This hot action will give you a nice raise. I then move out for the full body, smiling face sole shot complete with smile. You will not wanna miss this!! — 2) Jamie has some nice plump toes, and small feet. This redhead has those sexy looks and comfortable in front of the camera. In this clip, you get a nice treat. A lot of toe wiggling to go with your curling and spreading. Delicious! In this clip she starts out sitting upright. I zoom in for some nice toe top close ups. I then walk around for some nice lingering sole shots for those looking for meaty soles. I signal her to bend her knees, and she assumes the POSE. I get some more toe wiggling and curling toe top shots before walking around for shots of her soles. I close it out with a nice wink and smile with the soles in the background. Delicious.

    Jamie - Soles & Pose

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