• Hot Toes – Rachelle & Mackenzie

    It’s the best way to describe Mackenzie and Rachelle’s toes to me. Very different feet in the way they are proportioned, but both turn my crank. Even moreso watching them get sucks. Both have chubby short toes perfect for the lickin’, and they do plenty of it. After some minor chit chat Mackenzie has an idea in mind for Rachelle, and her toes. In no time they are in her mouth. It had been awhile since Mackenzie had done a set for us, but she hasn’t lost a step. Working her tongue up and down Rachelle’s soles, and sucking on her toes… You get some nice IN YOUR FACE sole close ups, as well as up close toe sucking as Mackenzie works her magic. Now it’s Rachelle’s turn to return the foot loving. Mackenzie gets comfortable, and she gets toe work on those tiny toes. Rachelle sucks a mean toe, and leaves no part unlicked or unsucked… Rachelle changes position so you get a better view of the foot loving, as well as my personal favorite. Soles being licked, toes being sucked, and a face reaction shot in the background. Nothing like an IN YOUR FACE shot to make you feel like you are right there in the action. I definitely wish I wasn’t behind the camera and could jump in myself. Enjoy!


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