• Holly – Toe Teasing & Posing

    Two clips in one! 1) Holly is a cute little girl next door with some surprisingly big feet. In this clip she starts out lying on the bed sole faced up. I walk around for a nice zoomed in sole view of those meaty toes and soles. I then move to the end of the bed, and have her scoot up to me. She puts both feet up on the bed rail. I zoom in so you get a nice view of those fire engine red plump toes. She then runs her foot slowly up and down the base board for a little tease. I then walk over the ball on the end of the rail. She wrapped her sexy feet around the ball… YUM! We get a look at the toes from a few different angles as she gives a little wiggling. She then moves her feet up to the top for another nice close up before ending in a big smile. CHEESE! — 2) Holly is an adorable little 18 year old with some sexy feet, and plump toes. In this clip she starts out sitting up on the bed. You get a top down close up of her toes. I roll around to the profile, and she rolls over onto her stomach. I walk around, and shoot straight down for a nice lingering sole shot. I then have her bend her knees, and assume THE POSE. You get a front on, toe tops, shot of those fire engine red toes all curled up. I give you a nice lingering glimpse before I walk back around to the profile so I can get a shot of those soles again, with the toes curled up. I zoom in for a close up for those curled toes. I then move back to my original position to get a face, to feet in the pose smile shot to close this out. Hot!

    Holly - Toe Teasing & Posing

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