• Girlfriends – Lynn, Sasha & Chelsea

    This is a hot clip for a lot of reasons. One, three beauties in stockings. Including Sasha in a nice pair of fishnets. Two, a LOT of stocking worship. Three just frisky foot loving galore. Sasha, Chelsea and Lynn are lying around watching TV. Chelsea gets a little frisky and starts playing footsies with Lynn. Before you know it. Chelsea slides down to start sucking on her tiny little stocking covered toes. Sasha in the meantime watches her toe girlfriends getting frisky on the floor from the couch. She at first just watches as Chelsea’s foot slides up Lynn’s skirt and her tongue slides along her soles and sucks on her toes. Lynn starts to get a little frisky as well. Grabbing on to Chelsea’s ankle as her foot moves up her leg. Next grabbing a foot and sucking on her stocking covered long feet… Sasha is really enjoying the show with her two girlfriends working each other’s feet. She starts making comments on how hot that is and giving directions as to how to suck the other girls toes. Chelsea kisses up Lynn’s legs and starts to remove her stockings. She then gets her tongue to work on her toes… Lynn gets more into it and kissing up and down Chelsea’s legs, she removes her stockings. Sasha’s loving it as she keeps sliding closer on the couch for a better view as she remarks… Sasha can’t take it anymore. Getting off the couch, she tells the other girls to get to work sucking on her toes. Sasha is wearing a pair of fishnets, which are sexy. Even more so when you have two girls sucking on her toes. Lynn’s toes creep up and down the inner thigh of Sasha as her mouth works those sexy feet… Now Chelsea and Lynn remove the fishnets and get down to business really getting their tongue between Sasha’s toes as she tells them how much she likes it. Also telling them to bite and suck on her toes. Oh how she likes that. This long, hot scene ends in the girls kissing. This will be a must have for the stocking foot lovers!

    Girlfriends - Lynn, Sasha & Chelsea

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