• Get Down TOEnight – Misty & Sasha

    I love these scenes on the table for a lot of reasons. The biggest one is the killer in your eye toe licking sole shots you can get, and the ease of getting all the action in one long shot. That said, Misty has come along nicely to learning to appreciate her foot friends. This is another example as the SPICE is added. Sasha and Misty really get into kissing on each other, among other things, and worshipping those toes. It starts out with Sasha pushing Misty on the table. You see in the background just how much Misty has come along to enjoying her toe tongue bathes, and Sasha is into Misty, and her feet. She licks, sucks, and worships those feet with a vengeance… Now it’s Misty’s turn to return the toe love. In some of the best posted foot worship thus far, you see just how much she gets into returning the love. Looking at Sasha’s facial expressions as she is more than enjoying her tongue licking on her soles, and between her toes. Sasha gets a big frisky putting her feet on Misty’s chest, and even running her foot along the side of her torso, lifting her shirt a big before moving to the front, and along her tummy. This gets Misty even more feverish as she licks on Sasha’s toes so much, you see saliva on those big toes. This ends in the girls kissing, and rubbing on each other to close it out. This is frisky foot love at its finest. Enjoy.


    Find it at http://www.footplaygirls.com

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