• Get Down Toe It – Monica, Toni & Summer

    Stocking lovers enjoy. This clip starts out with Summer and Rachelle getting ready to go out. They take turns putting the stockingso on each others legs. You get a nice slow building up to the foot love with some nice close ups, and stocking action until.. Monica and Toni come in and bust up the party. They have a different thing in store. Dropping to their knees, they get to work on the girl’s feet. Toni on Summer’s hot stocking clad feet, and Monica on Rachelle’s. Nothing like a four way foot feast to liven up the festivities!. Toni peels off Summer’s stocking, and wraps it between her tiny toes before continueing the full on foot worship. Monica takes her time kissing and licking all over Rachelle’s legs before inching off her stockings, to gobble down the tootsies.. You get some nice IN YOUR FACE close ups of foot worship as Toni and Monica go to town on their new girlfriends, and their sex feet. Whether stocking, or bare, you get some nice TOEtal foot sucking any foot lover would be proud of. Rachelle wants in on the fun, so she gets down on her knees and starts on Monica’s black sheer stocking boat feet. Summer peels off Toni’s pump, and slowly pulls off her stockings.. Some more awesome IN YOUR EYE sole shots as you get some hot foot lickin, and toe sucking but the scene gets ever more frisky as Monica and Summer make out during the hot foot worship! You get plenty of up the skirt action as Monica and Toni’s stockings are off, and Summer and Monica get to work on their soles, and toes. Including some DOUBLE YOUR PLEASURE toe sucking with them working the same foot. Hot hot hot!!

    Get Down Toe It - Monica, Toni & Summer

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