• Get Down Toe Bidness – Tigger, Amy & Sasha

    Amy, Sasha and Tigger are enjoying some down time when they want to spice up the festivities. Tigger and Amy keep pushing their sock covered feet in Sasha’s face until they convince her to suck on their toes. Sasha peels their socks off and get to worshipping on their feet… Sasha puts a good licking on those tootsies as she spreads them to get her tongue between the toes. You get some nice sole views as Sasha worships both Amy and Tigger’s feet at the same time! I love watching Sasha work a big toe. But the action spices up as Tigger grabs one of Amy’s feet and now the she get spoiled… Amy doesn’t mind as you get some killer in your face sole shots as Tigger works her long French fry toes and Sasha bounces back and forth between Tigger and Amy’s feet… Amy’s good foot loving continues until the girls decide to reward Sasha. Now they each grab one of her feet and Amy and Tigger devour Sasha’s beefy big toes and meaty soles. The double foot worship continues to get hotter as you hear the soft moans and the licking and sucking gets more fierce. This is a hot clip, especially if you love a lot of soles and double foot worship action!

    Get Down Toe Bidness - Tigger, Amy & Sasha

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