• Frisky Foot Realtor – Monica & Allie

    Frisky realtor Monica is showing Allie a house. Allie is liking what she sees, and so is Monica. But it has nothing to do with the house. She puts down her book, and starts coming on to Allie. She is a little caught off guard as Monica gets her in personal space, and is trying to kiss her. Monica wastes no time in her foot seduction, or persuasion as she gets Allie up on the table… Once on the table, Monica gets to licking on Allie’s stocking clad tootsies. You get a lot of nice passionate foot licking, and sucking in this clip. Monica really knows how to persuade her victims, er, I mean clients. After some hot stocking love, she kisses her way up Allie’s leg, and into her crotch before peeling off her stocking and working back down to her toes before more passionate bare toe sucking ensues… Monica then works her way up to the top of Allie’s second stocking. Peeling that one off as well, and now working her toe magic on both feet. Hot passion on the toe sucking, and a lot of licking up the arch, sole, across the toes, and in between. Nothing is missed… Monica finishes up, but now Allie is frisky for foot love. She gets on Monica on the table and wastes no time working those big toes. You get some nice gobbling down of that choppa before removing the stocking, and working them bare… Allie then moves on to the next foot, and repeats. The whole time you have sexy Monica’s voice telling her how she likes her toes sucked, and what to do. That alone is enough to give you lift off. Monica flexes her toes, and spreads them so Allie’s tongue can get in between for maximum foot loving. They close it out kissing. Steamy foot loving from beginning to end you will not wanna miss!


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