• Forced Foot Lovin – Chelsea & Carmen

    This scene starts out with Carmen wanting some foot loving from her girlfriend Chelsea. She tells her she wants her feet worshipped and then forces Chelsea on her knees. She then sticks her feet in Chelsea’s face and tells her to suck her toes. Chelsea is a bit hesitant, so Carmen says, Well what about this one as she puts her other foot in her face. She spreads and curls her toes until Chelsea decides she wants to and starts out by biting them. She then deep throats Carmen’s big toe and works over her toes and soles… Carmen puts both feet up on Chelsea’s shoulders and you get a kick ass view of the bottom of her feet as Chelsea licks and sucks on her soles. She sucks on the toes of Carmen’s other foot and licks up the sole as well. You even see the tongue shine on the sole of the foot! Chelsea then kisses up Carmen, who then flips her over on her back… Carmen lefts Chelsea’s shirt and kisses on her stomach and down her leg. She pushes up her pants leg and gets to work licking on her toes. She runs her fingers across her ticklish soles until her toes curl, then deep throats her big toes… Now Carmen switches feet and really does some nice sole worship. Chelsea’s toes curl as Carmen’s tongue lick up them. Then, as you know crazy Carmen, she takes Chelsea’s foot and rubs it on her stomach and chest before going back to work licking and sucking. She then pulls up Chelsea from the bed and the two end in a passionate make out. Another HOT one from these two!

    Forced Foot Lovin - Chelsea & Carmen

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