• Forced Feetsies – Ashley, Summer & Maria

    Summer has a little something to discuss with Ashley. Namely the dishes not getting done. Summer has just the way to get her to make up for it. She forced Ashley down on her knees and tells her to suck her feet. Ashley’s a little nervous at first, but Summer keeps reminding her that she did not do her chores and now she must pay back. Ashley gets to work licking and sucking on Summer’s toes, then switches feet. Working over the second a little better than the first. Until… Maria comes in and wants some of that good loving too. After getting comfortable. she pushes her feet in Ashley’s face for some attention. She gets to work on Maria’s plump toes. Working the first foot, then the next. Ashley is tired of being dominated, and decides it’s her turn. She stands up, and one by one kisses Maria, then Summer before throwing them each on the bed… Ashley then grabs 4 feet, and twenty toes, and gets to work licking and sucking on them. Maria and Summer are enjoying their tongue bath as Ashley works them over good. This three way ends in all the girls kissing. Nice.


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