• Footsie to Foot Love – Renee & Maria

    While they watch a movie, Maria “accidentally” rubs her foot across Renee’s foot. They start playing footsies, which escalates into Maria straddling Renee with her stocking covered soles up and ready for for licking. Maria pulls at the stockings with her teeth too, and ends up using her teeth to inch those stockings off. Now barefoot, Renee’s fat toes get a workout from Maria’s hungry mouth. She licks between the toes and pays plenty of attention to those sexy soles. Renee grabs Maria’s fishnet covered foot and starts going to town, licking the soles and sucking the big toe. Once Maria’s stockings are off, Renee goes on a sucking frenzy, working all those toes, with great closeup in your face camerawork. This is some truely passionate foot worship.

    Footsie to Foot Love - Renee & Maria

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