• Foot Lovers – Cassidy & Staci

    Cassidy and Staci are back and ready to suck the polish off each other’s toes… Ok, maybe Staci already does not have any… All the same Cassidy comes to join Staci on the bed. Cassidy has a raging love for feet and from the way she is staring at Staci’s while they talk. It’s obvious. To Staci’s credit, she has some nice toes and delicious soles IMHO. Who couldn’t blame you for wanting to run your tongue up and down them and suck on those perfect toes. Which is exactly what Cassidy does. She straddles over Staci and the tongue bathing begins… She does not miss and inch as she works the first foot, then the next. Getting every piggie. She then has Staci flip over on her back to give you some different angles. You can tell the passion of a true foot lover as they work a pair of feet. Cassidy is getting into it nice before the turn around… It’s Staci’s turn to put a loving lick on Cassidy’s feet. She has a nice pair as well. A nice BIG TOE of a big toe and freshly pedicured, soft and waiting for a wet mouth. Staci can suck a mean toe and boy howdy does she. Gobbling down that big toe like a trooper and working through the smaller ones and on to the soles. Licking up and down the soles before moving to the next foot. I move around to get those soft soles in my face, along with Staci’s tongue working them nicely. Cassidy is in the background enjoying her new foot worshiping friend. Perfection.

    Foot Lovers - Cassidy & Staci

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