• Dreamy Stockings – Allie & Monica

    Going into this shoot, this was one thing I was looking forward to… Allie being paired with Monica, and the loving lick these two would put on one another. Especially with Monica, if you have caught any of her other clips. You know she will REV UP all the action to a higher notch of toe love then you might normally get. This is no different. You get a lot of sexy talking in this, so let’s get started. Allie comes in, and Monica remarks on those sexy feet, and stockings. She throws Allie up on the bed, and wastes no time remarking on her sexy face and feet. She then gets to licking and sucking on those sheer white stocking long toes of Allie before peeling off the first one so she can get her tongue between those long toes, and mouth wrapped around that big toe… Monica makes quick work of that other stocking, and get that one down to bare as well. After some nice killer shots of those soft soles of Allie, Monica kneels down at the end of the bed, and puts in a good loving lick on them. Allie said it’s time to switch it around, and she gets to licking on those fishnet soles. She peels off one of Monica’s stockings and gets sucking on those toes… Monica gives a lot of sexy talk while Allie works on Monica’s big feet, and pink toes. You get some wiggling as Allie licks on those sexy feet. Jaime pulls up both feet to work those big toes… Allie switches back and forth to give some equal foot worship on both feet to make sure that a high quality foot sucking is returned back on Monica. Monica even does her typical toes on chest tricks, before Allie gets back to foot sucking. They close this sexy foot loving fest with some making out. WOW!!!

    Find it at http://www.footplaygirls.com

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