• Dreamy Stockings – Allie & Monica

    Put Allie and Monica in the same scene and you have a recipe for hotness! First of all, listen to the sexy talk Monica lays on Allie about her feet and stockings. Next thing you know, Allie’s on the bed with Monica licking and sucking Allie’s long toes through her sheer white stockings. Those stockings quickly get pulled off and Monica’s tongue is wrapped around toes. Allie’s soft soles get worshipped as well. Then they switch and Allie is licking Monica’s fishnet-wrapped soles. The fishnets get peeled off, the toes get sucked and the feet get licked. They both get down to some intense mutual foot worship and making out. This scene is HOT HOT HOT!

    Dreamy Stockings - Allie & Monica

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