• Damn That’s Close – Rachelle & Renee

    It was a sunny summer weekday, so we took the girls out on the yacht for some swimwear and good foot loving. In this clip you have Renee and Rachelle soaking up the rays. You start out with them shooting the sh– with their toes on the steering wheel. You get some nice close ups before Renee gets too busy slurping on Rachelle’s feet. Now the title really says it all as there are times when the camera is so close to the toe sucking and feet that if it were ANY CLOSER they would be in your crotch or mouth. Or at least that’s what it feels like. So as you might imagine, you get some SUPER close ups… Renee puts a good foot sucking on Rachelle’s sexy feet. She deep throats her big toes, licks up the soles. She licks between her toes and even TAKES BOTH BIG TOES IN HER MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME from a few different angles. Whoa! Now Rachelle gets into returning the love on Renee’s plump feet and toes… Nothing is missed and you are close enough to give the double check on it. LOL. But Rachelle works each foot from slurping down big toes, licking up and down feet and soles and making sure nothing is unloved. The camera angles throughout this are so close you just have to watch to see what I mean. Enjoy the lovelies in swimsuits and hot foot love!

    Damn That's Close - Rachelle & Renee

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