• Chelsea – Soft Soles

    This is another nice one for the Chelsea fans. There is plenty of her spread across our sites from tickling, to toe sucking. This starts out with a nice face shot before panning down for a toe tops close up. We then go behind the chair, and she puts her feet on the bar underneath. You get a LOT of Chelsea’s long toes spreading, curling, pointing, and wiggling. Now for the classic soles. We have her put her feet up on the table for a better view of the long feet, and french fry toes. while you can’t tell from the clip, she has some of the softest soles you can imagine. After getting her feet on the table you get some nice IN YOUR FACE toe curling, spreading, wiggling, and so on. You get some nice feet only, then feet and face shots. Both from the sole view, but also toe tops. Chelsea knows how to tease her toe fans. We close this out with her soles in our face, and a nice smile to end it. Niiiice

    Chelsea - Soft Soles

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    • Old queer

      I will pay her to squish my eyeballs with her toes till they bleed and pop open.

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