• Toe In The Tub Love – Rachelle, Toni & Monica

    This is a HOT CLIP for a number of reasons. Let’s start with taking some women into feet. Then add in that they are bi. Then half dressed. Then kissing all over each other and toes. You get the picture… This hot and spicy fest starts out with Toni and Rachelle in the spa tub. Toni having a real life foot fetish always shows, but Rachelle is into it just as much as they DOUBLE TOE SUCK on each other’s feet at the same time before… Monica shows up. Once she does, add in some more good foot love as it turns into a three way of some of the most passionate foot loving we’ve produced. Soles licked, toes sucked, tongues snaking between toes. Sole in your EYE. The girls taking BOTH BIG TOES IN AT THE SAME TIME! First Rachelle, then Toni… Just when you thought it couldn’t get ANY hotter Monica gets it boiling. Making out with Rachelle before working some toes, then passionately kissing on her neck and ears. YUM! Monica takes Toni’s toes and has them on her chest. Hers on Toni’s. Force feeding her toes into Toni’s mouth before ending this steamy foot love with all of them making out with one another. Steamy foot love at its best!

    Toe In The Tub Love - Rachelle, Toni & Monica

  • Dull Day. Toe Love. – Callie, Lexi & Onika

    Callie, Onika and Lexi are just killing time on a dull day. None of them really have any good ideas on what to do on the rainy day. Onika comes up with an idea. How about some foot play. The other girls figure, what the hell, so let the foot loving begin. Callie is first and she is spread eagled by Lexi and Onika. They get to work on her tiny feet and toes. Callie is a cutie and her facial expressions are priceless as she is new to the foot worship… Next up is Lexi and she has gotten more into the foot worship, giving and receiving over her previous sets with us. She enjoys watching Callie as she gets into her first toe sucking experience and Onika I do not even need to say anything about. She sucks the polish off toes and there is not an inch missed. Lexi has some great feet and soles and they are not wasted… Last up, Onika. Onika loves breaking in new girls and she definitely is enjoying watching Callie work her small feet and toes. Lexi puts a good loving lick on the second foot as you get some sexy foot worship with these three beauties. Nothing like it. You do not wanna miss out on the hot action!

    Dull Day. Toe Love. - Callie, Lexi & Onika

  • Three Way Workout – Gabi, Desiree & Chelsea

    Gabi gets joined by Desiree and Chelsea who can’t help wanting to lick and suck on her tiny feet and toes. You get some nice sole shots as you see Gabi in the background watching her girlfriends suck and lick on her toes. Desiree and Chelsea are really into their new friend and her feet as you can tell… After a little more foot sucking, Desiree says it’s HER TURN to get her feet worshipped. She lays back and lets Chelsea’s and Gabi’s tongues go to work on her smooth, soft feet. Desiree definitely has some nice feet and the girls seem to enjoy them almost as much as she loves having them worshipped… The hot action continues as Chelsea works over her feet from big toes, to pinky. Gabi’s a bit shy as you can tell, but she manages to work in some nice kissing action. Desiree decides she has had enough foot love and points at Chelsea and says NOW IT’S YOUR TURN… Chelsea makes herself comfortable as she is one of our girls who REALLY loves her toes sucked, especially by other women. You can tell from her facial expressions she is definitely enjoying her girlfriend’s tongues on her long toes and soles. Another HOT CLIP with three beautiful women. Head to toes!

    Three Way Workout - Gabi, Desiree & Chelsea

  • Surrender Your Soles – Alyssa & Staci

    I was happy to get back both Staci and Alyssa for some more foot loving. They are both cuties with some ultra soft feet. In this clip, Alyssa is not feeling the toe love. She wants no part of it. Staci has some other plans as she knocks out Alyssa, ties her up and blind folds her. Now those soft feet are hers for the loving. I like how Staci talks to herself about wanting to get at the feet while Alyssa is knocked out. In no time those soles are in your face and being sucked… This is Staci’s first foot worship and Monica taught her well. She has those feet nice and wet as she licks up and down the soles, sucks on the toes and gets her tongue in between. She is having a good time licking and loving… until Alyssa wakes up. She is slow to come to and realizes she is tied up and blindfolded. Staci tells her to lay back and enjoy as she works her magic. While Staci is licking and sucking away, Alyssa starts to realize she DOES enjoy having her toes sucked and it’s quite a turn on. Once convinced of the error in judgment of foot worship, Staci releases her, lifts the blindfold and kiss.

    Surrender Your Soles - Alyssa & Staci

  • Slurping Sleepy Soles – Jackie, Monica & Summer

    Summer and Monica stumble into the bedroom and find a sleeping Jackie. They can’t resist her vulnerable bare soles. So wasting no time, they get on their knees and get to work licking and loving on those meaty peds. Jackie has a nice big toe ripe for the sucking and Monica goes to work on it. Summer puts in a good licking and you get some nice sole side views… The girls start getting carried away with a mean toe suck, nibbling and licking until they have woke up Jackie. She rolls over and asks what is going on. They girls admit to sucking her sleeping feet, but Jackie is not mad. So the girls keep going… Now you get some nice toe top angles. Watch those hot pink plump toes getting worked by Summer and Monica’s deep throat action. I move around to the back to get those meaty soles in my face complete with Monica and Summer’s tongue attached and licking. Jackie in the background is enjoying her tongue bath. She is glad that she woke up to such a tasty toe treat.

    Slurping Sleepy Soles - Jackie, Monica & Summer

  • Breaking In The New Girl – Cloie, Monica & Sasha

    This is what many have been waiting for. A girl with big feet over a size 10. Well I found this beauty, 20 year old, 6′ 3″, size 12 Cloie! Not only does she have some nice big feet for you big feet lovers, but she takes good care of them. I intentionally pair her up with two super foot suckers in Monica and Sasha. Even they comment on how nice her feet are and can’t help passionately worshiping them… You can tell Cloie is pretty shy and never done anything like this before. From having her toes sucked, to being with two women. But we break her in nicely as her plump toes and meaty soles are shining with saliva from the tongues of her lovers. The girls can’t get enough and keep commenting on how nice her big feet are… You get those KILLER soles up in your face being licked and nibbled. Those toes are sucked one by one and tongues are snaking in between those long toes. Over the course of the clip you can see Cloie gets more comfortable and into having her toes sucked. She admits she likes watching the girls worshiping her big feet. I am sure you will as well. Enjoy!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Cloie, Monica & Sasha

  • As If You Were There – Tigger & Maria

    The title says it all. I am not sure if Tigger’s feet tasted like candy, or what, but damn. Both girls suck on each other’s toes and lick the soles like they taste like your favorite dish. Maybe it is? Well let’s get to it. Tigger and Maria are enjoying a relaxing afternoon. Maria is tempted with Tigger’s feet in her face. She offers to rub her feet and then peels off her sock and gets to work. Right from the get go, she is REALLY sucking her toes one by one and licking up her sole. Tigger is enjoying the foot licking from Maria who knows how to work a foot. You get some KILLER CLOSE UPS which add even more to the feeling you are in the scene… Now Maria gets to work on the other foot. She peels off her sock and takes Tigger’s big toe deep into her throat. She then gets her tongue snaking between Tigger’s sexy toes and licking up and down her soft milky soles. She even takes BOTH BIG TOES IN HER MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME! … Now it’s Tigger’s turn. I can tell you that she puts in the same effort as Maria did working her feet. She peels off Maria’s sock and from the get go is SUCKING A MEAN ONE! Tigger is always careful to work every toe from big to pinky. She gives them all the same attention and loving lick. Nice! She moves on to the next foot and working her tongue between the toes, up the soles and polishes them off nicely with her mouth before the two end in a kiss. Wow is all I can say. Enjoy!

    As If You Were There - Tigger & Maria

  • Slow Day. Hot Foot Love. – Alyssa, Staci & Lexi

    These three beauties are bored. Some toe talk leads to toe love. First up is Staci. She has some great feet and the girls waste no time getting them in their mouth. Staci’s soles are especially nice and I love how she watches her toes being tag teamed… Alyssa is next and she has a certain something about her. I can tell you that the bottoms of her feet are like baby soft. I’ve felt a lot of soft feet, but her feet are some of the softest I’ve felt. Mix in some wrinkles and spreading toes to make room for the tongue and you have some nice foot worship. She gets into it more and more, then sits up so she can watch the other two cuties worship her feet… Last up, Lexi. By now you know I think Lexi is the cat’s meow. Well taken care of feet, nice smooth soles for the sucking, plus a cute blond. She is their trifecta. She loves getting her feet worshiped and it shows. She gives her toe lovers some instruction as she bites her lips and give some soft moans. Three beauties in a three way foot feast?! Popping a toe tent is assured.

    Slow Day. Hot Foot Love. - Alyssa, Staci & Lexi

  • Breaking In The New Girl – Lindsay & Monica

    Lindsay is a delicious find. She has some nice big size 10 feet and they are well taken care of. So big feet lovers will enjoy the long sole licks. Lindsay is enjoying a relaxing day and in comes Monica to join her. She offers up a foot rub and mentions she has a foot fetish. Lindsay says, Really?, as her sock is being removed and in no time Monica is licking and nibbling on those long toes. That plump big toe is just begging to be gobbled down and Monica sucks it like a champ. Lindsay is very ticklish so you get a lot of giggles and toe wiggling and spreading as Monica’s mouth works those digits… When Monica gets to those long sole licks up and down the meaty sole you will be in heaven. Especially watching the new girl getting into having her toes licked, sucked and nibbled. Those wiggling toes will put you over the top. Monica removes the second sock and repeats the foot worship perfection on the next foot. By the end of the clip you will be ready to pop your top. Another one broken in with perfection. Don’t miss it!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Lindsay & Monica

  • Suck It Bitch – Onika, Summer & Chelsea

    This clip has so much good stuff in it that it was hard for me to pick out the preview images trying to capture what all is going on in it. So in essence you will have to watch this to get it all. The girls come home from the mall and are all turned on by some guy they saw. But since he’s not here and they are frisky, Onika and Summer have an idea! They tell Chelsea to get on her knees bitch and suck their toes. She gets on her knees and the girls put their toes up for the tasting. Chelsea gets to work licking those soft soles and tiny toes… You get a lot of nice views with the girls in the background as Chelsea sucks their toes. They then pull her up on the bed and now Chelsea gets to enjoy some hot foot love. There are a lot of nice DOUBLE TOE SUCKING shots of the girls at work on Chelsea’s French fry toes. You get those soles right in your face as they deep throat those big toes… Summer gets comfortable as it’s her turn. Onika and Chelsea grab a foot and get down to business working those feet. First as individuals, then tag teaming on of Summer’s feet. How foot loving for sure as they passionately and ever so slowly work those tiny Summer toes… Onika is not left out as she gets ready and tells the girls to show her what they’ve got! The girls definitely do that as you get more passionate foot sucking both individually and solo. Those small soft soles right in your face as Chelsea’s tongue works between the toes. Summer and Chelsea close this out kissing from toes, to head on Onika and ending in the three way kiss. SCHA-WING! This is one you will not want to miss!

    Suck It Bitch - Onika, Summer & Chelsea