• Breaking In The New Girl – Tigger & Sasha

    I found this little gem when going through some old tapes. I’m not sure how I missed this one, but… better late than never. In this clip, Sasha comes in on her new friend Tigger. After making herself comfortable, she rubs on Tigger’s feet before peeling off one of the socks. In good ole Sasha fashion, she puts a loving lick on Tigger’s sexy toes and soft soles… She then removes the other sock and repeats the toe seduction. You get a lot of nice reaction shots in the background, as well as Tigger’s awesome fucking soles in your face. Especially with Sasha licking on her soles. This is another nice one for the sole lovers. But there is something for everyone in this lost clip. Enjoy!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Tigger & Sasha

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