• Breaking In The New Girl – Staci & Monica

    Staci is a cute Irish redhead. When she first contacted me, I did not think she would be interested in the art of foot love. But once meeting her, she was completely down for a new experience and money. Fair enough. She is waiting in the room and soon joined by Monica. I love when Monica breaks in new girls. She is not only bi, but she really gets into passionately licking and loving on new girl feet… Soles, toes, heels… everything is lick, sucked and nibbled. Anyways, the scene goes like any other “Breaking In”. Monica gets comfortable. Some feet comments and next thing you know she is sucking a mean toe. Watch Staci in the background watching her new foot friend sucking, licking and biting her sexy feet… I’ll admit, Staci has some nice feet. Always a pleasant surprise. Those milky soft soles are just begging for some nibbles. Since you can’t do it yourself, Monica’s got you covered. I get all the angles from soles in your face, to toe tops as Monica deep throats the big toes. Another one broken in nicely. It went a bit longer than a normal new girl clip because of the hot action.

    Breaking In The New Girl - Staci & Monica

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