• Breaking In The New Girl – Randi & Allie

    From the moment I met Randi, I knew she would be good to throw into the foot loving. She is yet another who’s never had her feet massaged, much less sucked, or by another woman. Well we will break her in properly. Randi is an incredibly sexy woman of color, something a lot have been asking for. Also she is outgoing and as you will find in later scenes, wastes no time getting into sucking a mean toe. In this clip Allie comes in and makes some small talk with this new cutie. Wasting no time she is rubbing on her sexy feet before taking them in her mouth… With all new girls, I love watching their facial expressions in the background as their toes get sucked and soles licked. You get plenty of nice views of the sucking, reaction shots and worshipping in your face. The camera rolls around for some toe tops view before closing out this first foot worship experience. As you will find out later, she didn’t miss a step learning the art of hot foot love. Enjoy!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Randi & Allie

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