• Breaking In The New Girl – Onika & Summer

    Onika is incredible, as you will get to see in upcoming sets. She is a tiny Tomboy who’s looks can be deceiving. Throw some polish on her and pull her hair up and she’s a swan. This doesn’t even mention those insanely awesome size 6 feet and plump little toes that are bound to give you a chubby. In this clip, it’s our classic. She is waiting on the bed and in comes Summer. She was our experienced girl of the day. She makes some small talk, then notices Onika’s polish and sexy feet. A foot rub turns into toe loving in no time… You get some awesome sole shots, soft moans and hot action as Summer goes to work on those sexy feet. Onika, who had never had her toes sucked before working for us, definitely likes what she is feeling as Summer works her magic on those digits. This is but an appetizer of things to come. It will get a lot hotter! Stay tuned!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Onika & Summer

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