• Breaking In The New Girl – Lindsay & Monica

    Lindsay is a delicious find. She has some nice big size 10 feet and they are well taken care of. So big feet lovers will enjoy the long sole licks. Lindsay is enjoying a relaxing day and in comes Monica to join her. She offers up a foot rub and mentions she has a foot fetish. Lindsay says, Really?, as her sock is being removed and in no time Monica is licking and nibbling on those long toes. That plump big toe is just begging to be gobbled down and Monica sucks it like a champ. Lindsay is very ticklish so you get a lot of giggles and toe wiggling and spreading as Monica’s mouth works those digits… When Monica gets to those long sole licks up and down the meaty sole you will be in heaven. Especially watching the new girl getting into having her toes licked, sucked and nibbled. Those wiggling toes will put you over the top. Monica removes the second sock and repeats the foot worship perfection on the next foot. By the end of the clip you will be ready to pop your top. Another one broken in with perfection. Don’t miss it!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Lindsay & Monica

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