• Breaking In The New Girl – Jackie & Monica

    This one’s a little different. I had to step out to deal with some business, so I had Allie shoot this for me. Basically Monica was going to be “breaking in the new girl” Jackie. I’m not quite sure how they came up with this, maybe they thought Jackie’s soles were as plump and meaty as I did and wanted to show them off. Anyways, Jackie is on the bed and in comes Monica. Small talk leads to toe appreciation followed by a nice sole licking and meaty toe sucking… You know with Monica the new girls are going to get broken in properly. I love how she licks on the soles and uses her lips on the sides before devouring those big toes. Her tongue snakes in between each toe and sole lovers are sure to enjoy. Look out for more of Jackie in the upcoming weeks via new clips.

    Breaking In The New Girl - Jackie & Monica

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