• Breaking In The New Girl – Christina & Keagan

    Christina is another nice referral that we had the pleasure to taste. Or wish we could. She has some perfect proportioned toes and soft soles primed for the licking. Keagan comes in to join her new friend on the bed. Some small talk leads to a foot rub and before you know it, some licking of those delicious toes ensues. Those soft soles are in your face as Christina watches her digits getting some oral attention… Keagan moves on to the next foot and gives it the same loving lick. I move around to the front side to get some nice views of the toe tops. Those perfect toes in your face while Keagan licks up and down the soles of this cutie. I swing back around for some full long shots of the soles in your face being licked, tongue between toes and Christina in the background enjoying. You will also.

    Breaking In The New Girl - Christina & Keagan

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