• Breaking In The New Girl – Cassidy & Monica

    Cassidy is another sexy girl who I could not wait to get broken into the toe love. She is a little different than most of our newbies. She has a foot fetish. She admitted she likes sucking on her boyfriend’s toes and it is a major turn on for her. But she has never had her toes sucked. Incredible. I told her that she will fit in nicely. Monica comes in and make some small talk with this sexy Latina cutie. In no time the talk leads to toe love. Cassidy is a little nervous as she giggles once Monica’s tongue goes to work… I was pleasantly surprised to see Cassidy’s toes. She has some great soles and I LOVE LOVE LOVE a woman with a big big toe like Britney Spears has. Fucking love it. Watching Monica sucking and licking on it is heavenly. I move around to watch a toe tops view of Monica gobbling down that big toe and licking in between the others. Every now and then you get some more nervous giggles… I move back to the end of the bed to get more of those delicious sole views and Monica licking and sucking on the bottoms. You can see Cassidy getting more comfortable in the background as the loving lick is working those feet to perfection. She enjoyed her first true foot sucking and can suck a mean toe as well we found out later. Frisky action!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Cassidy & Monica

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