• Breaking In The New Girl – Carly & Keagan

    I have been wanting Carly to do a shoot for us for something like a year or two. Just out of dumb luck, she is a friend of Callie’s. Delicious! Carly is 5′ 10″ and while she admits to having size 9 feet in this clip. I think they are bigger. But we’ll leave that to the big foot fans to decide. In this clip Keagan comes in to join her new friend. They make some small talk and Keagan offers up a foot rub. From there, you know how it goes by now. The socks come off and toes go into the mouth. Keagan puts a loving lick on those big feet, French pedicured toes and soft soles… I move around to get the nice front and back angles. Keagan works those big toes at the same time, then lifts both Carly’s feet up and licks up and down the soles. Carly’s feet are a little ticklish, but she doesn’t mind her first foot worship. A little weird at first she says, but by the end. We have her broken in nicely. Hopefully you enjoy this as much as I did.

    Breaking In The New Girl - Carly & Keagan

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