• Breaking In the New Girl – Amy with Sasha

    Amy is a really shy, and soft spoken real life friend of Sasha. She had brought her in for some foot loving. This was the first time she had anyone really massage her feet, much less suck on them. As you know, Sasha will break them in properly as she joins Amy on the bed. They make some small talk, and in no time those feet are in her mouth. For being such a small girl, Amy has some big feet for her height. She has some of the most wrinkled soles I’ve ever seen… Painted fire engine red, those long almost monkey like toes are sexy. Watching Sasha work them with Amy’s first time foot loving and Amy’s reactions in the background are always fun to see with new girls. Sasha does her usual. Asking them how they like it, and if it feels good. Look out for more of this wrinkled sole cutie in the upcoming weeks!

    Find it at http://www.footplaygirls.com

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