• Audition – Jamie & Summer

    This is really more of an outtake or us playing around with new girl Jaime. But it might be of interest to some. Jaime is brand new and she was working on a tickling shoot. We were talking to her about doing the other projects for us but she wanted a dry run. So we had Summer still left from that shoot and threw them in the bed and this is the result. Since it wasn’t going to be a full clip, you have a lot of playing around compared to a real clip, but Jaime really surprised us that she jumped right into the toe sucking. Come to find out, she is into feet too! Very nice. So we will be trying to get Jaime back as soon as possible for some real foot fun. This clip starts out Summer walking in on Jaime. Taking notice of her feet, she give them some kissing before sucking her toes. She licks up her sole, then switches feet. Jaime is definitely enjoying having her toes sucked, judging from her talking and facial expressions. That alone made this post worthy… Now it’s Jaime’s turn to show us how she worships a toe. She quickly grabs Summer’s tiny foot and is licking and sucking those little toes in no time. You would think she had did this before as she goes right into licking between and working the big toes. She sucks over all the toes a few times and even works in some biting. She switches feet and gives some more good foot loving. Summer is being silly for the most part, but the worshipping Jaime’s giving her is nice. This scene ends in the two of them kissing. All in all, a nice preview of things to come hopefully with Jaime.

    Audition - Jamie & Summer

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