• As If You Were There – Tigger & Maria

    The title says it all. I am not sure if Tigger’s feet tasted like candy, or what, but damn. Both girls suck on each other’s toes and lick the soles like they taste like your favorite dish. Maybe it is? Well let’s get to it. Tigger and Maria are enjoying a relaxing afternoon. Maria is tempted with Tigger’s feet in her face. She offers to rub her feet and then peels off her sock and gets to work. Right from the get go, she is REALLY sucking her toes one by one and licking up her sole. Tigger is enjoying the foot licking from Maria who knows how to work a foot. You get some KILLER CLOSE UPS which add even more to the feeling you are in the scene… Now Maria gets to work on the other foot. She peels off her sock and takes Tigger’s big toe deep into her throat. She then gets her tongue snaking between Tigger’s sexy toes and licking up and down her soft milky soles. She even takes BOTH BIG TOES IN HER MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME! … Now it’s Tigger’s turn. I can tell you that she puts in the same effort as Maria did working her feet. She peels off Maria’s sock and from the get go is SUCKING A MEAN ONE! Tigger is always careful to work every toe from big to pinky. She gives them all the same attention and loving lick. Nice! She moves on to the next foot and working her tongue between the toes, up the soles and polishes them off nicely with her mouth before the two end in a kiss. Wow is all I can say. Enjoy!

    As If You Were There - Tigger & Maria

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