• Alyssa – Posing & Toe Teasing

    Two clips in one! 1) In this clip she starts out sitting upright. I zoom in for some nice toe top close ups. I then walk around for some nice lingering sole shots for those looking for delicious soles. I signal her to bend her knees, and she assumes the POSE. I get some more toe wiggling and curling toe top shots before walking around for shots of her soles. I close it out with a nice wink and smile with the soles in the background. — 2) Alyssa has some nice short toes, and very soft soles. She says it’s because she is normally wearing shoes and socks. Once removed, you wanna fuck those soles. Alyssa starts on the bed, on her stomach. I walk around to get a nice lingering sole shot. She gives you some added spice with some toe pointing, curling, spreading to go with your sole meal. I then walk to the foot of the bed, and she scoots towards me. She puts her feet on the bed rail, and I zoom in for some nice toe top close ups. Yummy. I then have her start slowly running her foot along the foot board a time or two for a nice tease. I walk to the end of the bed, and again, have her scoot towards me. She puts her feet up on the ball and curls up her toes. I get some nice shots of those curled toes, and soft soles! I then move to the side to get some more toe top close ups and a few more angles along the way. I have her close it out with a big smile. You just can’t want to see these toes sucked!

    Alyssa - Posing & Toe Teasing

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