• Alexis Slow Stocking Tease

    There is a certain SOMETHING about Alexis. I saw it the first time I met and interviewed her. In this clip she is wearing a pair of fishnet stockings. Alexis has been with us long enough she knows exactly how to slow tease you into submission. First you get some nice close ups of her toes wiggling in the stockings, then we pan up her leg. She slowly eases off one stocking very slowly down to her bare toes. She rubs her hands down her bare legs, and her toes wiggle and curl on a close up before moving to the next leg. Now she begins to inch down that that stocking as well. She knows how to tease you nice and slow you are sure to enjoy. Now both legs are bare and she crosses her legs and you get some more close ups as her toes wiggle and curl. Some killer close up sole shots of those soft soles. Perfection!

    Alexis Slow Stocking Tease

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