• Stocking Footsies And Suck – Lynn, Chelsea & Sasha

    The clip starts out with Lynn and Sasha in stockings playing footsies before being interrupted by Chelsea who has a better idea and quickly gets their toes in her mouth. She works over Sasha and Lynn’s stocking clad toes before Sasha wants to join in and they both work Lynn’s small stocking clad toes… After some more two on one action and Lynn enjoying every minute the attention turns to Sasha and Chelsea works over her plump toes and soft feet still in the stockings. She occasionally runs her finger along their soles to slighting tickle them and get their toes to curl… Chelsea works the other stocking clad foot before deciding to remove the stockings. She works one bare foot, then peels off the other stocking and works the next. Now Lynn and Sasha tag team to work Chelsea’s long feet and toes in her black sheer stockings… Now you get a lot of different angles and views from sole to toe tops as Lynn and Sasha work Chelsea’s long feet. Then Lynn gets frisky and kissing down her leg, peels off those black stockings… Now she gets to work on those bare toes as Sasha makes her way down Chelsea’s leg and peels off her stocking before deep throating that big toe. Chelsea enjoys the girls working her soft toes and soles. Sasha puts her foot on her chest and the girls then move on to Lynn and her white sheer stocking toes… Chelsea and Sasha spread eagle tiny Lynn and both grab a foot licking and sucking on her tiny toes and soles. You get some nice stocking worship from different angles and then they kiss up her leg peeling off the stocking… Chelsea gets to work on her bare feet while Sasha is still worshipping the nylon covered leg before finally getting it removes and her tongue snaking between Lynn’s toes. The girls are definitely frisky and working those toes with a mission from big to pinky! They then play another game of three way footsies to close it out. Nice!

    Stocking Footsies And Suck - Lynn, Chelsea & Sasha

  • Toesome 4 Worship – Jasmin, Onika & Renee

    For those of you who love the three way foot sucking and toesome of tag team foot worship this is one you will not want to miss. You take these three beauties, Jasmin, Renee and Onika and you are in for some hot foot worship action and sole licking. Jasmin and Renee join Onika on the bed and in no time flat they have her tiny toes in their mouth. You get those nice sole views as the sucking is right in your face. In the background Onika enjoys the tongues snaking between her toes… Renee gets her soles sucked next. Jasmin and Onika do not disappoint as they put a good loving lick on Renee’s meaty toes. You get the seductive looks of Renee as she watches her girl friends mouths on her beefy toes… Jasmin is third and the girls engine’s are rubbing. Watching the girls deep throat her big toes and almost perfect feet and soft soles always gives you lift off. Jasmin takes good care of her feet and the girls love sucking on them and it shows… The girls then break into a three way foot suck. Each grabs a foot from her friends and get to work spreading the love between the toes. Spread eagle and toes in mouths. Watch Renee work that hot double big toe sucking! Jasmin bounces back and forth between their feet and Onika sucks so hard she almost sucks off the polish. WOW! You will enjoy this hot foot sucking feast!

    Toesome 4 Worship - Jasmin, Onika & Renee

  • Forced Foot Lovin – Chelsea & Carmen

    This scene starts out with Carmen wanting some foot loving from her girlfriend Chelsea. She tells her she wants her feet worshipped and then forces Chelsea on her knees. She then sticks her feet in Chelsea’s face and tells her to suck her toes. Chelsea is a bit hesitant, so Carmen says, Well what about this one as she puts her other foot in her face. She spreads and curls her toes until Chelsea decides she wants to and starts out by biting them. She then deep throats Carmen’s big toe and works over her toes and soles… Carmen puts both feet up on Chelsea’s shoulders and you get a kick ass view of the bottom of her feet as Chelsea licks and sucks on her soles. She sucks on the toes of Carmen’s other foot and licks up the sole as well. You even see the tongue shine on the sole of the foot! Chelsea then kisses up Carmen, who then flips her over on her back… Carmen lefts Chelsea’s shirt and kisses on her stomach and down her leg. She pushes up her pants leg and gets to work licking on her toes. She runs her fingers across her ticklish soles until her toes curl, then deep throats her big toes… Now Carmen switches feet and really does some nice sole worship. Chelsea’s toes curl as Carmen’s tongue lick up them. Then, as you know crazy Carmen, she takes Chelsea’s foot and rubs it on her stomach and chest before going back to work licking and sucking. She then pulls up Chelsea from the bed and the two end in a passionate make out. Another HOT one from these two!

    Forced Foot Lovin - Chelsea & Carmen

  • Damn That’s Close – Rachelle & Renee

    It was a sunny summer weekday, so we took the girls out on the yacht for some swimwear and good foot loving. In this clip you have Renee and Rachelle soaking up the rays. You start out with them shooting the sh– with their toes on the steering wheel. You get some nice close ups before Renee gets too busy slurping on Rachelle’s feet. Now the title really says it all as there are times when the camera is so close to the toe sucking and feet that if it were ANY CLOSER they would be in your crotch or mouth. Or at least that’s what it feels like. So as you might imagine, you get some SUPER close ups… Renee puts a good foot sucking on Rachelle’s sexy feet. She deep throats her big toes, licks up the soles. She licks between her toes and even TAKES BOTH BIG TOES IN HER MOUTH AT THE SAME TIME from a few different angles. Whoa! Now Rachelle gets into returning the love on Renee’s plump feet and toes… Nothing is missed and you are close enough to give the double check on it. LOL. But Rachelle works each foot from slurping down big toes, licking up and down feet and soles and making sure nothing is unloved. The camera angles throughout this are so close you just have to watch to see what I mean. Enjoy the lovelies in swimsuits and hot foot love!

    Damn That's Close - Rachelle & Renee

  • My Feet Hurt – Jillian, Allie & Onika

    Jillian, Allie and Onika are coming home from the mall and after a day of being on their feet. They need some relief. Onika and Jillian decide to put Allie on the bed and make her feet feel better. They spread her like a wishbone and get to work. You get those delicious soles in your face with two beauties sucking the hell out of them… Allie is definitely enjoying as you see her in the background and the others worshipping her long toes and soles. Jillian’s feet need some attention, so now she gets in the middle and the girls start licking and sucking her toes and sole… One thing I love about Jillian is she will wiggle, curl and spread her toes when they are being sucked on. For some reason, that adds a little extra excitement in the foot worship for me and most girls do not do it. Sole in your face, wiggling toes, enjoyment in the back. You get some nice action and wet toes you can see glistening in the sun… Onika is last and gets comfortable. She says, it’s about time ladies. Onika really gets into having her toes sucked. Both verbally and from facial expressions in the background. She also gets some nice wet toes and soles… Toe tops, soles, everything is sucked and licked to your delight from these two cuties. The girls close it out when Onika tells them to come in and get her some kisses.

    My Feet Hurt - Jillian, Allie & Onika