• Stocking Footsie Suck – Randi & Jasmin

    This is a steamy clip you will not want to miss. The action is good and watching these two sucking those big toes, stockings on and off, the soles in your face and some extra PEEKS make this one hot clip. Stocking footsie turns to toe sucking in no time as new girl Randi has learned the art of foot worship well. She shows you JUST how well as she sucks the hell out of Jasmin’s sexy toes before kissing up her leg to remove the stocking. The passion at which she attacks those feet is spicy to say the least… But Randi doesn’t miss a step as she moves on to the second one. She puts a spit shine to those stocking clad tootsies, before kissing up the leg and inching off the stocking to get down to hot pink toes. You get some awesome in your face foot worship and can see how soft and well taken care of Jasmin’s soles are. It’s no wonder Randi can’t get enough of them… The tables turn and Jasmin’s up. Her engine’s running after such a spicy foot loving. It shows as she kisses and licks on those stocking tootsies before burying her face in Randi’s crotch and then using her teeth to pull down the stockings. She takes her time inching them off. Inch a bit, kiss and lick and again until she peels them off to reveal those smooth black soles. Yum. Wasting no time she gets her tongue running up and down them, while working that big toe like a bj… Jasmin moves on to the next leg, again putting her face in the crotch to get her teeth on the top of the stocking. Inch and kissing slowly again until bare toes are revealed and her mouth goes to work sucking and licking. Her tongue flicking between the toes and trying to get them all in her mouth. You have a front row seat to this hot action and could almost join in. The girls end the spice with some kissing on one another. Steamy…

    Stocking Footsie Suck - Randi & Jasmin

  • Breaking In The New Girl – Kimberly & Onika

    Kimberly has a certain something about her. Maybe it’s just for me. But I couldn’t wait to get her into a session. Before shooting it, I asked her if she had every had her toes sucked? She said no. She had never even had a foot rub! I said, well today you get both! Enter Onika who comes in to make some small talk and before you know it. Some foot rubbing ensues. Next, some soft kisses before all out sucking action… I love watching a new girl’s reactions in the background as their toes and licked and sucked. Onika builds up to this so slow and sensual you will almost pop your top before she gobbles down that big toe. Kissing first, then licking between, before deep throating that big toe. WOW! You get some killer sole views as Onika works a slow foot love… She doesn’t forget the other foot and repeats the same passionate foot sucking. I move around to get some toe top angles in the worship before returning for some more nice IN MY FACE sole shots and Kimberly’s facial expressions in the background. As we near the end, Onika does a DOUBLE BARREL BIG TOES. Cha-CHING!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Kimberly & Onika

  • Passion 4 Foot Love – Onika & Chelsea

    I could easily describe this one as, Wanna see passionate foot worship? Watch this. Period. But that wouldn’t get your engine running. Let’s just say you take these two and watch them passionately, slowly, pretty much seduce a toe and you will have more than RISERS going on. Onika’s on the bed and in comes Chelsea. She admires Onika’s tiny size 6 feet and tiny toes. She runs her finger on the sole, digging in her nail and Onika’s little toes spread and curl. Chelsea then starts lightly kissing and licking on the toes and soles. She nibbles on the heel and Onika likes it as you get some more tiny toe wiggling and curling as Chelsea’s tongue works the magic… Chelsea goes to switch feet and she puts Onika’s one foot on her chest while seducing the other foot and working every toe. Onika bites her lip as the slow foot worshipping is working its magic on the frisky of these two. You get some nice soles in your face as Chelsea sucks on each one. Onika’s grabbing Chelsea’s foot and begins to rub it… But she doesn’t stop there. She wants to give some frisky foot loving back. She puts Chelsea on her back and in no time Onika’s working that same slow, passionate foot sucking on Chelsea’s long French fry toes and soft soles. Watch Chelsea’s toes spread right in your face as Onika’s tongue tickles her sole… Onika grab the other foot and puts on the same slow burning foot love you just witnessed on the first foot. Chelsea is moaning and enjoying it. With a true foot licking going on like these two are giving and receiving who can blame her? They close this one out kissing. SCH-WING!

    Passion 4 Foot Love - Onika & Chelsea

  • Working That Big Toe – Jasmin & Onika

    While these two cuties work all the tootsies on each other, the passionate way they work each others’ big toes is enough to give you lift off. Mix in that some of the camera angles have that worship action right up in your face and you have yourself a recipe to creamy undies. Onika joins Jasmin on the bed and she can’t resist Jasmin’s perfect feet. Who could? Onika can work those piggies all the way home and you can see Jasmin is enjoying that deep throat big toe action… But Onika puts in some of the most passionate, slow burn foot worship I’ve seen! This one’s no different as she finishes up the first foot and moves on to the second for the same in your face, slow worship. Yum! Jasmin wants some of those tiny Onika tootsies. She wastes no time licking and loving on those digits… Jasmin works those big toes the same passionate way Onika did. You get some nice close ups of the hot action and reaction shots. Deep throating big toes and licking between with these two beauties is some hot action you are sure to enjoy as they close this out kissing on more than toes.

    Working That Big Toe - Jasmin & Onika

  • Breaking In The New Girl – Staci & Monica

    Staci is a cute Irish redhead. When she first contacted me, I did not think she would be interested in the art of foot love. But once meeting her, she was completely down for a new experience and money. Fair enough. She is waiting in the room and soon joined by Monica. I love when Monica breaks in new girls. She is not only bi, but she really gets into passionately licking and loving on new girl feet… Soles, toes, heels… everything is lick, sucked and nibbled. Anyways, the scene goes like any other “Breaking In”. Monica gets comfortable. Some feet comments and next thing you know she is sucking a mean toe. Watch Staci in the background watching her new foot friend sucking, licking and biting her sexy feet… I’ll admit, Staci has some nice feet. Always a pleasant surprise. Those milky soft soles are just begging for some nibbles. Since you can’t do it yourself, Monica’s got you covered. I get all the angles from soles in your face, to toe tops as Monica deep throats the big toes. Another one broken in nicely. It went a bit longer than a normal new girl clip because of the hot action.

    Breaking In The New Girl - Staci & Monica