• Sleepy Soles R Served – Sarah, Rayden & Jasmin

    New girls Sarah and Rayden have been introduced to foot loving by Jasmin, in this clip, they want some tootsies. Jasmin tootsies. She is napping after a busy day so the girls sneak in on her. Jasmin has some of the best kept feet I have ever seen. Soft smooth soles, perfect pedicured toes and it’s no wonder the girls want to suck on them. They kneel down and get busy. Like old pros these girls get to work deep throating Jasmin’s big toes and licking and nibbling her soles. They are a bit rough, or turned on so the frisky foot loving wakes up Jasmin who likes what she is feeling and seeing. Her newbies worshipping her feet… You get some FUCKING AWESOME in your face foot worship. If you like soles, they are so close you can lick them. The attention next turns to Sarah who has these little toes except for the big toe. Watch them curl as the girls suck and worship her toes. When they gobble down that big toe it will make you want to explode. This is hot foot sucking and you have a front row seat to the action… The girls do not miss and inch from between the toes, to soles. It’s Rayden up next and she gets comfortable. She gets frisky watching the girls each grab a foot and deep throat her big toes. They work from pinky to big toe and back again. You get more of those classic in your face sole shot along with worship so close you could only wish to join in… Rayden is enjoying her tongue bath and then Jasmin gets the idea to do a three way worship. She has the girls get into a triangle and they all grab one of the others feet. You get some hot three way toe banging as the girls all slurp down each other’s toes. It doesn’t get much better than this for foot worship and you are sure to explode more than once. Enjoy!

    Sleepy Soles R Served - Sarah, Rayden & Jasmin

  • Breaking In The New Girl – Cassidy & Monica

    Cassidy is another sexy girl who I could not wait to get broken into the toe love. She is a little different than most of our newbies. She has a foot fetish. She admitted she likes sucking on her boyfriend’s toes and it is a major turn on for her. But she has never had her toes sucked. Incredible. I told her that she will fit in nicely. Monica comes in and make some small talk with this sexy Latina cutie. In no time the talk leads to toe love. Cassidy is a little nervous as she giggles once Monica’s tongue goes to work… I was pleasantly surprised to see Cassidy’s toes. She has some great soles and I LOVE LOVE LOVE a woman with a big big toe like Britney Spears has. Fucking love it. Watching Monica sucking and licking on it is heavenly. I move around to watch a toe tops view of Monica gobbling down that big toe and licking in between the others. Every now and then you get some more nervous giggles… I move back to the end of the bed to get more of those delicious sole views and Monica licking and sucking on the bottoms. You can see Cassidy getting more comfortable in the background as the loving lick is working those feet to perfection. She enjoyed her first true foot sucking and can suck a mean toe as well we found out later. Frisky action!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Cassidy & Monica

  • Slurping Sleepy Soles – Carly, Callie & Taylor

    Carly is taking a nap and Callie and Taylor can’t resist coming in for some foot fun. With her out of it, she’ll never notice them licking and sucking on her freshly pedicured, French tips. The girls are careful to peel off the socks and reveal those soft soles. They waste no time gobbling down those plump tootsies from big toe to pinky… The girls put on a nice foot worshiping. Callie is a bit shy at times, but for some reason she loves to flick her tongue in a way that tickles. Taylor on the other hand wastes no time for being new and sucks those toes like a pro. All Callie’s tongue flicking tickle seems to have woke up Carly. She rolls over and says it is weird to wake up having her toes sucked, but doesn’t seem to mind enough to stop them… You get some nice laughter as Callie does more of her flicking. Carly originally told us she was not ticklish at all, but we found out quite the contrary. She has some nice soft big feet and those soles up in your face are just BEGGING for a nibble. The girls polish off those toes nicely with their tongues and the hot action will have your tip wet. Enjoy!

    Slurping Sleepy Soles - Carly, Callie & Taylor

  • Foot Lovers – Cassidy & Staci

    Cassidy and Staci are back and ready to suck the polish off each other’s toes… Ok, maybe Staci already does not have any… All the same Cassidy comes to join Staci on the bed. Cassidy has a raging love for feet and from the way she is staring at Staci’s while they talk. It’s obvious. To Staci’s credit, she has some nice toes and delicious soles IMHO. Who couldn’t blame you for wanting to run your tongue up and down them and suck on those perfect toes. Which is exactly what Cassidy does. She straddles over Staci and the tongue bathing begins… She does not miss and inch as she works the first foot, then the next. Getting every piggie. She then has Staci flip over on her back to give you some different angles. You can tell the passion of a true foot lover as they work a pair of feet. Cassidy is getting into it nice before the turn around… It’s Staci’s turn to put a loving lick on Cassidy’s feet. She has a nice pair as well. A nice BIG TOE of a big toe and freshly pedicured, soft and waiting for a wet mouth. Staci can suck a mean toe and boy howdy does she. Gobbling down that big toe like a trooper and working through the smaller ones and on to the soles. Licking up and down the soles before moving to the next foot. I move around to get those soft soles in my face, along with Staci’s tongue working them nicely. Cassidy is in the background enjoying her new foot worshiping friend. Perfection.

    Foot Lovers - Cassidy & Staci

  • The Tootsie Taco – Cassidy & Kayleigh

    This was a concept one of our patrons had sent to us. In this clip Cassidy and Kayleigh come walking into the room. Cassidy is bored and wants something to do. Kayleigh has an idea. She has Cassidy get up in the bed and she rolls her up in the comforter, much like Surrender Your Soles. She is now incapacitated and at Kayleigh’s mercy. Kayleigh has Cassidy right where she wants her. Head sticking out of the top and toes at the bottom of the toe taco. She pulls off Cassidy’s socks while she objects. Leave my feet alone. I do not like my feet touched. Stop… Kayleigh is not going to stop. She is going to persuade her that foot worship is not so bad and try and get Cassidy into it. She starts off licking and sucking on Cassidy’s sexy feet and toes. You get some nice sole views and Cassidy in the toe taco in the background. Over the worship she comes to realize it is not so bad and she kind of likes it. When Kayleigh lets her go, Cassidy wants to give it a go… She rolls Kayleigh up in the toe taco and pulls off her socks and gets to work. I love Kayleigh’s feet with those long toes and perfect pedicure. Apparently, so does Monica as she works every toe to perfection. She also licks on those soft soles so that nothing gets missed… She learns well for someone who did not want to have her feet sucked and played with. Kayleigh’s soles are right in your face being licked and Cassidy is sucking on those long toes. In the background you see Kayleigh all rolled up and talking about how much she loves having her feet worshiped. Mmmmm. Indeed.

    The Tootsie Taco - Cassidy & Kayleigh

  • Slow Burn – Jessie & Carmen

    Some of our customer and members had requested that we do some clips where they take a long slow build up to the stockings coming off and a more sensual licking and kissing on one other and their feet. Well you now have it! Jessie and Carmen were up to the task. They are lying in the bed making some small talk when Jessie decides she want a little slow toe loving on Carmen. She puts in a good sensual slow love on those stocking clad toes before kissing and licking down her thigh to inch the stocking off her one foot before taking those tiny Carmen toes in her mouth. The girls not only take their time, but the passionate slow tease they put into getting the stockings off, much less toes in their mouth is enough to keep the excitement building! Jessie slowly peels off that second stocking… and then licks up Carmen’s soles before working the toes on the next foot. Long hard sucking is about the best way to describe it. Now Carmen wants to return the passion. Jessie gets comfortable and Carmen rubs her hands and tongue all over Jessie’s stockings and checks out her pink pedicured plump toes. She gives them a loving lick before inching off the stockings before taking those toes in her mouth. Carmen then takes Jessie’s bare foot and rubs it on her chest and then pushes it between her legs. Jessie then rubs her bare foot down Carmen’s bare leg and back up to her mouth. They then put take their feet and go SOLE TO SOLE! … Carmen gets to work on sucking the next nylon covered foot and then slowly inches off that second stockings. Now the passionate toe sucking goes into full force and I wonder if they suck the polish off each other’s toes with the way they work each other’s big toes! Whoa. You get some more SOLE TO SOLE COMPARISON as well as a lot of rubbing and kissing on each other before ending in a sensual kiss between the two. You asked for it nice and slow, with a lot of passion and some SOLE to SOLE. Now you’ve got it. ENJOY!

    Slow Burn - Jessie & Carmen

  • Stocking Sample – Alexis, Summer & Carmen

    New girls, 19 year old Alexis and 21 year old Summer get their first stocking foot worship session with crazy girl, Carmen. Alexis and Summer are waiting in their stockings on the bed for their initiation. In walks Carmen and from there it gets spicy. Carmen first takes turns worshipping Summer and Alexis stocking clad toes while the girls watch their new found foot girlfriend. Then Carmen slowly peels off one stocking from each of their legs and toes. Slowly inching and kissing all the way up and down their legs… After some barefoot worshipping, Carmen then sucks on their other foot. Both still stocking clad before slowly pulling those off as well… Now Carmen has their beautiful painted toes and smooth soles exposed the way she prefers it. She shows the girl her toe sucking techniques, licking between their toes. First Alexis, then Summer and asking them how they like it. She licks and sucks on their soles before working her way up their legs, rubbing her hands and kissing all the way up to their face.

    Stocking Sample - Alexis, Summer & Carmen

  • Girlfriends – Lynn, Sasha & Chelsea

    This is a hot clip for a lot of reasons. One, three beauties in stockings. Including Sasha in a nice pair of fishnets. Two, a LOT of stocking worship. Three just frisky foot loving galore. Sasha, Chelsea and Lynn are lying around watching TV. Chelsea gets a little frisky and starts playing footsies with Lynn. Before you know it. Chelsea slides down to start sucking on her tiny little stocking covered toes. Sasha in the meantime watches her toe girlfriends getting frisky on the floor from the couch. She at first just watches as Chelsea’s foot slides up Lynn’s skirt and her tongue slides along her soles and sucks on her toes. Lynn starts to get a little frisky as well. Grabbing on to Chelsea’s ankle as her foot moves up her leg. Next grabbing a foot and sucking on her stocking covered long feet… Sasha is really enjoying the show with her two girlfriends working each other’s feet. She starts making comments on how hot that is and giving directions as to how to suck the other girls toes. Chelsea kisses up Lynn’s legs and starts to remove her stockings. She then gets her tongue to work on her toes… Lynn gets more into it and kissing up and down Chelsea’s legs, she removes her stockings. Sasha’s loving it as she keeps sliding closer on the couch for a better view as she remarks… Sasha can’t take it anymore. Getting off the couch, she tells the other girls to get to work sucking on her toes. Sasha is wearing a pair of fishnets, which are sexy. Even more so when you have two girls sucking on her toes. Lynn’s toes creep up and down the inner thigh of Sasha as her mouth works those sexy feet… Now Chelsea and Lynn remove the fishnets and get down to business really getting their tongue between Sasha’s toes as she tells them how much she likes it. Also telling them to bite and suck on her toes. Oh how she likes that. This long, hot scene ends in the girls kissing. This will be a must have for the stocking foot lovers!

    Girlfriends - Lynn, Sasha & Chelsea

  • Get Down Toe Bidness – Tigger, Amy & Sasha

    Amy, Sasha and Tigger are enjoying some down time when they want to spice up the festivities. Tigger and Amy keep pushing their sock covered feet in Sasha’s face until they convince her to suck on their toes. Sasha peels their socks off and get to worshipping on their feet… Sasha puts a good licking on those tootsies as she spreads them to get her tongue between the toes. You get some nice sole views as Sasha worships both Amy and Tigger’s feet at the same time! I love watching Sasha work a big toe. But the action spices up as Tigger grabs one of Amy’s feet and now the she get spoiled… Amy doesn’t mind as you get some killer in your face sole shots as Tigger works her long French fry toes and Sasha bounces back and forth between Tigger and Amy’s feet… Amy’s good foot loving continues until the girls decide to reward Sasha. Now they each grab one of her feet and Amy and Tigger devour Sasha’s beefy big toes and meaty soles. The double foot worship continues to get hotter as you hear the soft moans and the licking and sucking gets more fierce. This is a hot clip, especially if you love a lot of soles and double foot worship action!

    Get Down Toe Bidness - Tigger, Amy & Sasha

  • Sneaky Sleepin Soles – Allie & Onika

    Allie is taking a nap after a long day, but that crafty Onika manages to sneak into her bedroom to have some fun. Allie has some well taken care of feet and soft soles so who could blame her right? While Allie sleeps, Onika gets up on the bed. She can’t resist rubbing and kissing on those sexy soft long toes of Allie’s. Onika makes sure she doesn’t wake up Allie as she kisses, licks and rubs on her feet. But not long after the sucking starts Allie wakes up to wonder what in the hell Onika’s doing in her room. She tells her she couldn’t resist. So Allie lays on her back and lets Onika work her magic… And boy does she. Onika can really suck a mean toe and from Allie’s soft moans and coos she enjoys every minute of it. You get those nice sole views as Onika works that big toe and licks up and down on her soles. You always get those pretty pink toe tops as Onika wraps her mouth around them. The girls then switch and Allie rewards Onika for the toe tongue bath. Onika’s come to love her tiny peds sucked on as well and you get some nice in your face shots and reactions… Allie moves on to the next foot to give you some more hot loving lick. Then the girls each grab a foot and a mouthful of toes to get down with some sexy DOUBLE FOOT WORSHIP action. Yowsa! Nothing like watching two beauties working each other’s toes to take this to the next level and boy do they. Feel free to jump in!

    Sneaky Sleepin Soles - Allie & Onika