• Surprising Foot Love – Jodi, Whitney & Cassidy

    This clip starts middle of the action. Whitney is already enjoying some long licks on Cassidy’s soft soles and toes. This is for the sole lovers as you get a bird’s eye view of the soles as they are being worshiped. Whitney finishes the first sole and moves on to the next giving it the same loving licks… The girls switch it around. Cassidy pulls off Whitney’s socks and gets to work on her long French fry toes. Cassidy enjoys sucking toes and it shows as she doesn’t miss and inch. She works each toe and then lick up and down Whitney’s sole before moving on to the next foot… Uh oh Jodi comes in and sees her two roommates in the middle of some weird foot session. The girls pull her on the bed and start in on her soles. They’ll show her it isn’t so weird as they suck on her plump toes and soft soles. You get some nice soles in your face and then I move around for some toe top, double worship action before returning for some more sole views with Jodi in the background in heavenly foot worship.

    Surprising Foot Love - Jodi, Whitney & Cassidy

  • Breaking In The New Girl – Rayden & Jasmin

    Rayden has some nice plump toes and meaty soles. You can only image what damage they could do curling on your… Anyways, she is relaxing on the bed and Jasmin comes in to see what her new friend is doing. She gets comfortable and offers a foot rub. She leaves out the part about her sucking on those plump toes, but wasting no time you get to the action. Jasmin does a nice job of working in all your favorites from licking between the toes and working that big toe like a bj… She then switches up feet and you get that killer sole shot in your face, complete with Jasmin licking and biting on Rayden’s sole and heel. I move to get some more angles as Jasmin deep throats that big toe and works her way to the pinky and back again. The passionate way she works those meaty toes and soles makes you wanna just jump right in! Yum.

    Breaking In The New Girl - Rayden & Jasmin

  • Frisky Toe Suckin – Rachelle & Toni

    Rachelle has some great feet and soft soles. Toni has a real life foot fetish and it shows in every scene she is in. Which is what happens this time. She climbs on Rachelle and straddles her to work over those soles and sucks each and every toe with the passion of a true foot lover. You get some nice angles of those soft soles getting licks and heels sucked on. Plus some nice in your face tongue between toes… Toni then flips over Rachelle on to her back and you get some more nice in your sole loving licks and hot action. A personal favorite shot of mine are these types of angles. Toni then takes BOTH of Rachelle’s big toes in mouth at the same time! Always a crowd pleaser… Rachelle wants in on the action and to return the foot loving lick to Toni. So she grabs a foot and gets to work on those toes. You get some nice angles of the DUAL or DOUBLE TOE SUCKING ACTION. You can never lose out when you have two girls Totally into one another’s feet and licking and slurping away in a fever pitch. This intense foot worship session ends in the two making out!

    Frisky Toe Suckin - Rachelle & Toni

  • Kissing Head To Toes – Summer & Monica

    What can I say about this clip? It’s hot as hell. But that doesn’t accurately sum it up, so I guess I had better give you the play by play. In this clip, Summer and Monica are a bit tipsy. Which is good and bad as you might imagine. Good because you have a WHOLE LOT of kissing on one another and slow seduction as they romance each others’ tootsies. But you also have a bit more chatter than you normally would. For those who enjoy some nice toe talk, you have a lot of it in this clip. But that’s just the beginning. As things heat up, Monica kisses her way up and down Summer’s legs before getting to those tiny feet and toes. I love watching Monica because she really can passionately work a foot and give me a ‘rise’ to the occasion… You get some nice chatter as Summer tells Monica to take all of her toes in her mouth and oh yeah, get that foot in there. Monica does so like a pro. She doesn’t miss an inch either working from toe tops to sole. The girls switch around and I do not know what had gotten into Summer, but this has to rank up on there on one of the hottest foot worshiping she has ever given. Complete with sole licking and toe sucking. I love how Monica teases her with wiggling her toes around before forcing them into her mouth! The sole shots are superb in this and out of all the girls we’ve shot in a few years, her soles just do ‘something’ to me. Those bit meaty things, complete with IN YOUR FACE CLOSE UPS and wiggling toes?! ?! Yeah baby… After some more meaty soles and in your face foot worship, then girls get comfortable and do a DUAL TOES SUCK. Man this is killer as you get some killer angles with two hot women who are really sucking a mean fucking toe! They are deep throating those big toes and working over those feet like you wish you could… With Monica, you know she is always going to bring the spice. Whether kissing on her new girls, or rubbing their toes on her crotch or chest. Well she doesn’t disappoint as the chemistry in this clip is steaming. You get some of my personal favorite shots with the tongue flicking between toes and some more passionate angles and shots before the girls cloth this out kissing. Hot action.

    Kissing Head To Toes - Summer & Monica

  • Shoes, Socks, Sniff, Sole Suck – Tigger, Renee & Maria

    This is a nice long one. Plenty of slow teasing action on this. That doesn’t even mention how these three suck a mean toe. But you are not going to want to miss it! Maria is all by herself, but not for long. In come Tigger and Renee. They make themselves comfortable and Maria has an idea. She wants to pamper their tired toes. She gets on the floor and starts to slowly take off their shoes and socks while some talk ensues. Maria is a bit overwhelmed by the whiff of their sweaty feet. But Maria doesn’t seem to have a problem tasting it and she gets to work on both Renee and Tigger’s tired toes… Maria put in a good loving lick and she works from pinky to big toe on one girl, then the next. Before switching position for some sole licking. Again, licking one girl then the next as the girls relax and enjoy watching Maria shrimping their toes. All this hot action is getting Renee and Tigger frisky… So Renee grabs on of Tigger’s legs and Maria has the other. Renee gets to work sucking on those sexy feet. Tigger doesn’t want to be left out and grabs one of Renee’s feet. So now you have a three way between Maria snacking on Renee and Tigger at the same time while Renee nibbles Tigger and she returns on Renee… You get some killer close ups of the action as I make my way around the circle of foot love. From foot worship, to sole licking. There is plenty to go around. Now it’s Maria’s turn to get retuned foot love. The girls pull her up on the couch. They make some take about how much Maria’s feet reek from the gym, but they are frisky enough it doesn’t matter as they get down to business deep throating those Maria big toes. You get a nice sole view as Renee and Tigger really work those feet… You get a LOT of hot toe sucking as the girls tongues snake between Marias toes and she is foot loving heaven with Tigger and Renee licking, nibbling and sucking her plump toes. This hot action must conclude and does so in a three way kiss. Talk about WOW! Something for all the e-mail requests from foot whiffing, slow teasing from shoes and socks to soles and a whole lotta good foot love! I could keep typing, but this is one you just have to watch. Definitely something for everyone.

    Shoes, Socks, Sniff, Sole Suck - Tigger, Renee & Maria