• Sole Lovers Delight – Cassidy & Keagan

    Keagan and Cassidy are back. Cassidy is finishing up her workout and Keagan comes in to see what she is doing. She compliments her pedicure and asks if she can lick on her toes. Cassidy agrees and the girls get busy. Keagan has a hard time getting some angles, so she has Cassidy move to the middle of the room. She raises her feet in the air and you get some delicious soles in your face views… The passionate foot sucking and sole licking is perfection. You get some nice wet licking action. You just wanna jump in. The toe tops views of the worship are excellent as well. Nice long toes and that big toe big toe sucked to perfection… Keagan and Cassidy switch positions and now Keagan’s soles are up in the air. Cassidy wastes no time licking and sucking on those tiny feet and soft soles… Keagan watching Cassidy worship her feet is hot. You get some nice toe spreading, curling and pointing for added bonus. Those soles shine with saliva and perfect worship. I move around to the toe tops for some tongue between the toes. This is a nice welcome back. Stay tuned!

    Sole Lovers Delight - Cassidy & Keagan

  • Foot Slave Initiation – Cassidy, Keagan & Staci

    While Keagan and Staci are enjoying some girl time together, they are interrupted by freshman Cassidy. She wanted to hang out with her sorority sisters but they are not having it. She pleads and begs to join them and they change their mind. On one condition. The hand cuff Cassidy and blindfold her. They force her on her knees and she asks what is going on. They tell her to get to worshiping their feet. They bark commands to take off the socks… slowly. Cassidy follows the orders. They then tell her to suck on their toes. Now the big toe. Now Keagan’s toes. As they boss their little pledge around, she follows their every command. Licking soles, sucking toes and moving from one to the other. After some hot bossy foot love, the girls take pity on their slave… They pull Cassidy up from her knees and put her up on the bed. They peel off her socks and get to work on some delicious double foot worship action. The soles are up in your face and you just wanna lick them. Those sexy painted toes and nice big toe being worked by Keagan and Staci to perfection. Enjoy!

    Foot Slave Initiation - Cassidy, Keagan & Staci

  • Roomies Talk Toe Love – Mackenzie & Sasha

    Mackenzie and Sasha are just watching some TV and talking about their new roommate. Sasha is telling her about this ‘thing’ the roommate did the other day. She then asks Mackenzie if she wants to see what it was. She says sure and it’s on. Sasha loves sucking on Mackenzie’s tiny plump little toes and nibbling her soles… Tongue between toes and up and down those sexy feet. Mackenzie watches and is enjoying the foot attention as Sasha changes feet and works it over with the same loving lick. You get some nice IN YOUR FACE SOLE SHOTS of Mackenzie’s feet. Always a favorite of mine before she wants to see if she learned how to do it right. She has Sasha lay back and she gets to work returning what she’s learned… Sucking down those curling toes from pinky to BIG TOE. Mackenzie’s tongue works over the first foot and then the next. Working both big toes and meaty soles as Sasha is all smile at the attention she is getting from her roommate’s foot loving mouth. Nice!

    Roomies Talk Toe Love - Mackenzie & Sasha

  • Surrender Your Soles – Cassidy, Keagan & Monica

    Cassidy has some great feet. She has that nice meaty big toes and is super sexy. Keagan and Monica think so as well and wanna lick and love on her sexy feet but today Cassidy is not having it. The girls are not going to take NO for an answer so they knock her out, tie her up and blindfold her. With her out of commission, now her toes are theirs for the sucking… The girls get to work licking loving down those sexy big toes and soft soles. Lots of licking, nibbling and sucking around for everyone. The soles views are nice, especially with her passed out in the background. I move around to get some toe top views… Keagan, for being a new girl, really sucks a mean to with the best of them. Nothing like two sexy women sucking some toes. But all this tongue flicking as woke up Cassidy who is startled at first, but then comes to enjoy it. Feeling those tongues between her toes and teeth nibbling her soles is turning her on. She realizes just how much she loves having her feet worshiped. Muah!

    Surrender Your Soles - Cassidy, Keagan & Monica

  • What The Hell – Danielle, Tara & Rachelle

    Danielle is pissed. She came home to a filthy mess. She comes upstairs and who does she find? Rachelle and Tara just lying around watching TV. Danielle has the perfect repayment. These two must get on their knees and make it up to Danielle by sucking her feet. Well nothing warms up wicked bossy woman’s feet like some tongue between the toes. In no time Danielle switches from bossy bitch, to cooing foot worship recipient. Rachelle and Tara really give those sexy feet a good loving. The killer SOLE IN YOUR FACE view with Danielle in the background in an instant classic in my book! … The girls finish up giving some good love and Danielle’s heart, or toes, have been warmed to the point she will share the love. Rachelle gets up on the bed, face down, soles up and Tara and Danielle work over those sexy feet. You get some nice in your face shots, as well as slurping and sucking sounds as tongues snake between toes and nibble on some soles… Last, but certainly not least is Tara. She climbs up on the bed for her turn. She has those long French fry type of toes and the girls get to working putting a spit shine to them. Licking and loving from toes to soles. You get some nice in your face action on these as well as the girls work their toe magic. This ends in a three way kissing as they make amends. Another spicy one!

    What The Hell - Danielle, Tara & Rachelle

  • Breaking In The New Girl – Lisa & Sasha

    Personally, I am not a big fan of red heads. But I do have to admit that Lisa has some nice feet and softest wrinkled soles. No wonder Sasha can’t get enough of licking and sucking on them. Alright, to the action. Lisa is on the bed and shortly joined by Sasha. She is supposed to make some small talk, but dives right into worshipping Lisa’s sexy feet. You get to s see some nice sole licking action up in your face. Sasha devours those feet, literally… Watching Lisa’s face in the background was a nice delight. Once the foot worship scenes(s) were done, she would always be flushed. Having her feet licked and toes sucked REALLY turned her on! She manages to stay relaxed and even loosens up to close her eyes and enjoy the hot foot licking from Sasha. I move around to get all the angles, but I have to admit that those soft wrinkled soles kept bringing me back for more. Sasha’s perfect worship was enough to wet your tip. Enjoy!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Lisa & Sasha

  • Shy Toe Suck – Cloie & Sasha

    People love Cloie and her big toe toes and meaty soles. In this clip, she returns the foot love to Sasha. Cloie comes in to join Sasha on the bed and in no time, Sasha has those beefy toes in her mouth. Sasha and Monica have both told me off camera how much they love licking and sucking her virgin soles… It shows as she licks and sucks all over those big feet. Cloie loves watching her feet being sucked more than the feeling. You can see her enjoyment in the background as watches on. Those meaty soles are up in your face for a loving lick. The time comes where Sasha wants some toe love and Cloie wants to give them a taste. Sasha puts up those black painted toes for some worship. She coos and moans as she gets her toes kissed on… Cloie is a bit shy to lick suck and worship. But she does get a bit more frisky as it goes on and she hears how Sasha gets into having her plump toes sucked on by virgin foot lover. Delicious.

    Shy Toe Suck - Cloie & Sasha

  • Stocking Love Foursome – Jersey, Maria, Monica & Toni

    Jersey gets a proper initiation with Maria, Monica and Toni. After tricking her to the bedroom, then push her on the bed and begin to worship her black stocking clad toes and soles. While Toni and Monica give Jerseys stocking covered feet a good toe sucking and licking… Maria is floating around the bed groping and kissing on Jersey, as well as helping the other girls worship their new friend properly… Maria works her way down to the foot fun and joins in sucking on Jerseys toes. You get some nice in your face stocking clad toes, as the girls suck on her toes before they lick and nibble down her leg, slowly removing her stockings to get down to bare toes… Now that the stockings are off. All three indulge in some foot worship on Jersey bare tootsies. Jersey wants in on the fun and gets Toni’s foot close enough to get her red painted toes in her mouth in a three way foot loving. Then Maria, Monica and Toni all work and kiss up Jerseys body and it ends in a four way kiss. Talk about HOT!

    Stocking Love Foursome - Jersey, Maria, Monica & Toni

  • Breaking In The New Girl – Jackie & Monica

    This one’s a little different. I had to step out to deal with some business, so I had Allie shoot this for me. Basically Monica was going to be “breaking in the new girl” Jackie. I’m not quite sure how they came up with this, maybe they thought Jackie’s soles were as plump and meaty as I did and wanted to show them off. Anyways, Jackie is on the bed and in comes Monica. Small talk leads to toe appreciation followed by a nice sole licking and meaty toe sucking… You know with Monica the new girls are going to get broken in properly. I love how she licks on the soles and uses her lips on the sides before devouring those big toes. Her tongue snakes in between each toe and sole lovers are sure to enjoy. Look out for more of Jackie in the upcoming weeks via new clips.

    Breaking In The New Girl - Jackie & Monica

  • Breaking In The New Girl – Onika & Summer

    Onika is incredible, as you will get to see in upcoming sets. She is a tiny Tomboy who’s looks can be deceiving. Throw some polish on her and pull her hair up and she’s a swan. This doesn’t even mention those insanely awesome size 6 feet and plump little toes that are bound to give you a chubby. In this clip, it’s our classic. She is waiting on the bed and in comes Summer. She was our experienced girl of the day. She makes some small talk, then notices Onika’s polish and sexy feet. A foot rub turns into toe loving in no time… You get some awesome sole shots, soft moans and hot action as Summer goes to work on those sexy feet. Onika, who had never had her toes sucked before working for us, definitely likes what she is feeling as Summer works her magic on those digits. This is but an appetizer of things to come. It will get a lot hotter! Stay tuned!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Onika & Summer