• Surrender Your Soles – Jodi, Cassidy & Whitney

    New cutie Jodi is getting hit on by Cassidy and Whitney. They are trying to convince her to give up the tootsies and let them suck on them. However, Jodi is not having it. Despite the repeated pleas and rejection. The girls take matters into their own hands. They knock out Jodi, then tied her up and blindfold her. Now she is at their mercy. They peel off the socks to reveal some sexy soft toes and the girls get to work worshiping them… The sole views are awesome and in the background you can see their sleeping slave Jodi oblivious to the good foot loving she is receiving. Those soles are licked and nibbled and each piggie gets some oral attention… All the licking and nibbling starts to wake up their Jodi as she comes to. She is wondering what is going on and the girls tell her that they just had to have her feet and since she was not giving them up, they had to take them. They get back to some double toe sucking action and in no time they start to persuade Jodi in the error of her ways. She comes to appreciate foot worship and her new friends. They close it out removing the blindfold and kissing to make up. Nice!

    Surrender Your Soles - Jodi, Cassidy & Whitney

  • Foot Massage Complete With Tongue – Allie & Summer

    Take two of our most requested and beautiful and put them in some stockings and get them rubbing on each others’ feet and you do not know what you will get… Who am I kidding? You know you are going to get some hot foot worship action. Summer is on the receiving end as Allie works her mouth around those tiny stocking toes. She then peels off the first one to deep throat Summer’s cute little feet and toes. Summer is enjoying the tongue bath as you can see in the background with a SOLE IN YOUR FACE VIEW… Allie them moves on to the next foot and repeats the foot loving you just witnessed on the first one. The little moans from Allie make it all the more sexy as Summer eggs her one before switching around and giving back some love. She worships Allie’s white sheer stocking big feet. Allie has some nice feet and takes care of them. Which would explain why all of the girls love sucking those sexy feet. Summer peels off the stocking and gets those long French fry toes in her mouth and gets her tongue running along those soles… Summer grabs the next leg and worship that foot for a few before peeling off that stocking and worshipping that foot. Allie then grabs on of Summer’s feet and the girls get into a DOUBLE FOOT WORSHIP scene with these two hotties. in this you get plenty of angles and close ups as these two passionately kiss on each others’ feet before ending on each other. Yum yum!

    Foot Massage Complete With Tongue - Allie & Summer

  • Slurping Sleepy Soles – Alexandria & Monica

    Alexandria is a beautiful woman. No doubt about it. She has some nice black painted, petite toes which Monica can’t resist. Sleeping or not, she must suck on them. But she also can’t resist those soft soles. They are very soft and smooth. Perfect for your tongue, or Monica’s in this case… Monica wastes no time gobbling down all the toes and licking up and down the soles of both feet. She has to be quick to get in her foot worship before Alexandria wakes up. She may not like all the foot attention. Oh no! Alexandria does end up waking up and finding her toes in Monica’s mouth… While you think that she would be mad. She doesn’t seem to mind as she rolls over on to her back and lets Monica continuing to lick and suck on her toes and soles. I love watching Alexandria in the background enjoying the foot bath. She gives you some nice little moans and comments on how nice it feels to pop your top. The soles in your face and curled up toes are perfection. We hope to get more of her in the future.

    Slurping Sleepy Soles - Alexandria & Monica

  • Meaty Soles R Served – Lizz & Onika

    The only thing I love more than some hot foot worship from the ladies and them getting really into it is some nice plump toes and meaty soles. This clip delivers. Lizz and Onika are lounging around, but Onika simply can’t resist Lizz’s soft soles in her face. She must lick on them. She gets to work licking and loving those plump big toes and soft soles. Even DOUBLE BARRELING the big toes! Awesome! You get a nice soles up view for the first part and then Onika has Lizz flip over… She is on her back, but you still get those meaty soles up in your face. Watch Onika lick up and down them and Lizz’s facial expressions in the background. Delicious. Once the first part is done, it’s time for Lizz to get in on the loving. Onika gets comfortable and Lizz to work… Onika loves having her toes sucked just as much as giving the love. You get some hot talk and faces in the background and the new girl puts on some hot worship to Onika’s tiny toes and small soles. You get some great views and hot action sure to pop your top!

    Meaty Soles R Served - Lizz & Onika

  • Sole Licking Good – Staci & Lexi

    I love watching these two. Staci is a sexy redhead and Lexi is perfection head to toes. Staci has some great soft soles you just wanna suck and fuck. Unfortunately, you will just have to enjoy the tongue bath these two put on the feet. This clip starts out with Staci on her stomach and soles up in the air. Lexi is licking on the soles and sucking a mean toe… You get some nice toe sucking action and some great long sole licks. Staci is in the background taking peeks backwards as her sexy feet get tongue bathed in saliva. Now it’s time to return the favor. Lexi gets on her back and those delicious meaty big toes and plump soles are in your face… Staci puts a good loving on them. The toes and soles are so wet you can SEE it on the feet. Staci is a licker, so you get a lot of nice licking to compliment the toe sucking. I love watch Lexi in the background as her toes are sucked to perfection. Soles, toes, licking… something for everyone.

    Sole Licking Good - Staci & Lexi

  • Back Toe Work – Jordan & Allie

    Jordan comes in to join Allie on the bed. She’s back from the beach and Allie has to head to work. Bummer. Jordan notices Allie’s sexy feet and has some ideas. Foot love. Who can blame her? Allie IS sexy head to toes and takes awesome care of her feet. It shows. Even more so when Jordan’s mouth is wrapped around them. You get some nice soft sole looks while Jordan’s tongue works between Allie’s long toes… Also some real nice deep throating of the big toe loving. Outstanding! Jordan moves on to the next foot and gives you more of the same. You get the occasional giggle or comment from Allie in the background as her toes get tickled by tongue. Allie then flips it around and Jordan gets her soft soles sucked. Allie puts a good loving on her jet black, meaty toes and soles… You get to watch Jordan in the back enjoying Allie’s fine foot work. I love the meaty soft soles up in my face and this delivers. Allie doesn’t miss and inch between soft kisses, licking and sucking. The girls close it out with a kiss. Excellent! Watching these two cuties is going to start some fireworks in your pants. Enjoy!

    Back Toe Work - Jordan & Allie