• Breaking In The New Girl – Tigger & Sasha

    I found this little gem when going through some old tapes. I’m not sure how I missed this one, but… better late than never. In this clip, Sasha comes in on her new friend Tigger. After making herself comfortable, she rubs on Tigger’s feet before peeling off one of the socks. In good ole Sasha fashion, she puts a loving lick on Tigger’s sexy toes and soft soles… She then removes the other sock and repeats the toe seduction. You get a lot of nice reaction shots in the background, as well as Tigger’s awesome fucking soles in your face. Especially with Sasha licking on her soles. This is another nice one for the sole lovers. But there is something for everyone in this lost clip. Enjoy!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Tigger & Sasha

  • Stocking Lovin – Luci & Sasha

    Sasha is back and ready to break in some new girls. First up, tiny Luci. She is all of 19 and is four foot 11 in height. In this clip, Sasha walks in on her new girlfriend. in no time, she is sucking on her stocking clad toes. Luci is enjoying her first foot worship session. Sasha removes her stocking and licks all over her feet and sucks on her cute little toes. She then moves on to the next leg. Sasha wants Luci’s little bare toes in her mouth… As Sasha licks up Luci’s soles, her toes curl and spread as you get a nice sole shot of this action. You can tell in the background Luci is loving every bit of it. Now it’s Luci’s turn to give back what she’s received. She starts out sucking and licking on Sasha’s nylon clad toes like a pro. You’d never guess this was her first session… Luci rubs her feet on her chest and then kisses down her leg. Peeling off the stockings slowly, licking and kissing all the way. She then puts her tongue on Sasha’s toes and soles. Really working her big toes. She moves on to the next leg before… Sasha wants to do a two way. She grabs a hold of Luci’s feet and starts sucking. Luci then grabs hers and the girls suck on each others’ toes at the same time. Talk about HOT! After a good toe tongue bath, the girls get together and start making out. Wowsa! Even after the time away, Sasha knows how to give us what we are looking for!

    Stocking Lovin - Luci & Sasha

  • Bathroom Romance – Chelsea & Maria

    Chelsea is getting ready in the bathroom and in walks Maria, with a different idea. She pushes Chelsea to the ground and wants to try out her edible foot lotion. She rubs it all over Chelsea’s feet and toes before licking and sucking it off. Deep throating her big toes… Maria then moves on to the other foot, working Chelsea’s soft soles and toes. Now Chelsea wants to try the lotion (and Marias toes). She uses the cream and then enjoys the tasty toe lotion. Mmm… Chelsea move on to the other foot, rubbing in the lotion first and then sucking on Marias nice plump big feet. Maria really enjoys having her toes sucked by Chelsea. Another nice scene from the two of them.

    Bathroom Romance - Chelsea & Maria

  • Breaking In The New Girl – Christina & Keagan

    Christina is another nice referral that we had the pleasure to taste. Or wish we could. She has some perfect proportioned toes and soft soles primed for the licking. Keagan comes in to join her new friend on the bed. Some small talk leads to a foot rub and before you know it, some licking of those delicious toes ensues. Those soft soles are in your face as Christina watches her digits getting some oral attention… Keagan moves on to the next foot and gives it the same loving lick. I move around to the front side to get some nice views of the toe tops. Those perfect toes in your face while Keagan licks up and down the soles of this cutie. I swing back around for some full long shots of the soles in your face being licked, tongue between toes and Christina in the background enjoying. You will also.

    Breaking In The New Girl - Christina & Keagan

  • Breaking In The New Girl – Carly & Keagan

    I have been wanting Carly to do a shoot for us for something like a year or two. Just out of dumb luck, she is a friend of Callie’s. Delicious! Carly is 5′ 10″ and while she admits to having size 9 feet in this clip. I think they are bigger. But we’ll leave that to the big foot fans to decide. In this clip Keagan comes in to join her new friend. They make some small talk and Keagan offers up a foot rub. From there, you know how it goes by now. The socks come off and toes go into the mouth. Keagan puts a loving lick on those big feet, French pedicured toes and soft soles… I move around to get the nice front and back angles. Keagan works those big toes at the same time, then lifts both Carly’s feet up and licks up and down the soles. Carly’s feet are a little ticklish, but she doesn’t mind her first foot worship. A little weird at first she says, but by the end. We have her broken in nicely. Hopefully you enjoy this as much as I did.

    Breaking In The New Girl - Carly & Keagan

  • Sneaky Sleepy Sole Slurpin – Veronica & Jamie

    Our sexy little redhead Jamie is taking a nap. She has some nice small feet and plump toes for the sucking. Apparently Veronica agrees as she sneaks into the bedroom and kneels down to begin worshipping those sleepy tootsies. She does a good foot loving from sucking those big toes to getting her tongue flicking on the soles. At one point taking BOTH BIG TOES IN HER MOUTH AT ONCE… For a new girl she learns fast! Jamie then wakes up, but is not mad. She is pleasantly surprised and enjoying her tongue bath on her toes and soles. Veronica gets even more feverous with the sucking. Jamie then offers to tongue bathe Veronica’s big size 9.5 feet. She does have some nice long toes and meaty soles for the sucking. Jamie gets to work in no time. Veronica is a bit talkative and her toes are ticklish. You get some giggling as Jamie’s tongue works it’s magic… I make sure to cover all the angles from fire engine red toe tops, to meaty double soles in your face. Stick out your tongue. You are almost in the scene! Jamie puts a good loving lick on those sexy feet like a pro! This is a nice well rounded clips for the sole lovers and foot sucking fans. We have you covered with two lovelies and their sexy feet and soles. Enjoy!

    Sneaky Sleepy Sole Slurpin - Veronica & Jamie

  • Lickin – Alexis & Rachelle

    I’ve always thought there was a certain SOMETHING about Alexis. I’ve never been able to put a finger (or toe) on it. But from the feedback received, my initial gut feelings were right. In this clip, we start out with Rachelle at the table. She has her feet on the pole underneath the chair for some nice stocking sole view before we swing around for a nice straight down close up of her stocking feet before Alexis walks in to interrupt us. Alexis pushes Rachelle on the table and gets to work on those stocking toes and soles… Alexis puts in a good stocking foot love before peeling those nylons off and getting down to some good old tongue on toes worship. Deep throating the big toes and licking up the soft soles. She works the first leg and then the next… Rachelle wants to give as good as she gets. She puts Alexis up on the table and get to work on HER stocking toes and soles. I always love these scenes because you can get some AWESOME SOLES IN YOUR FACE shots and with me being six foot tall, the action is right in front of the camera! Alexis is wearing either a grey, or off black pair of sheer stockings, from what I recall. Rachelle does a good job of making sure both feet get a good loving lick before… being peeled off. She does an even better job of worshipping those sexy Alexis bare feet and wrinkled soles. Alexis feet are super ticklish, but you would not know as Rachelle delivers soft foot loving to those awesome feet. Alexis tells her how she likes her feet kissed and how it feels good. Yum! I bet it does! The girls end this steamy scene in a kiss to seal the deal.

    Lickin - Alexis & Rachelle

  • Sleepy Feet Surprise – Jordan, Jasmin & Danielle

    Sexy new girl Jordan is trying to take a nap, but Jasmin and Danielle have other plans. While Jordan sleeps, they sneak in and start kissing and licking on her fishnet toes and soles. After a good licking they decide they want her bare soles and inch off those stockings. Once off, they get back to working their foot loving… You get some KILLER sole views and close ups of the hot worship before Jordan wakes up to the feeling of her toes in her girlfriend’s mouths. She is not mad and rolls over to keep enjoying the hot worship on her black polished toes. She definitely is enjoying the feeling. Danielle wants some loving and switches places with Jordan. The girls waste no time working her soft meaty soles and toes. You get the nice double foot sucking action as these lovelies work Danielle’s sexy feet… I roll around to the end of the bed so you get some more hot soles in your face as Jasmin and Jordan work those sexy feet. Danielle loves having her toes sucked and it shows. Jasmin’s last but not least. She gets up on the bed and the girls admire her stockings first with their eyes, then with their mouths… I have to say in years of doing this, Jasmin has to have some of the best looking and taken care of feet I’ve ever seen. Even if the proportions are not to your liking, the meticulous care she puts into them shows. Now if only you could suck on her toes like lucky Jordan and Danielle. But no worries. They suck the toes in the stockings before peeling them off and working those sexy feet. Jordan sucks on that big toe like it’s a … Well you will just have to watch to enjoy. But you have a front row seat as she bobs up and down on that big toe. Jasmin watches her two friends working her sexy feet before kissing up her feet, legs, stomach and ending in the three way. SCHA_WING!

    Sleepy Feet Surprise - Jordan, Jasmin & Danielle

  • Surrender Your Soles – Carrie & Keagan

    Carrie is trying to blow off the advances of Keagan who has a craving for her feet. Carrie is simply not interested at all in the offer. Keagan is not going to be denied and has to take Carrie’s feet into her own hands, err, mouth. She knocks out Carrie and blindfolds her. She ties her up to the bed and in no time is licking on those soles… Keagan is cute as she talks to herself about how she must have those feet and these girls will simply not surrender them without a fight. She runs her tongue up and down the first foot and then the next. She doesn’t forget those tootsies. Keagan has managed to enjoy her fun, but now Carrie is coming to… She wakes up to find her toes in Keagan’s mouth. She should be more upset, but surprisingly isn’t. As the toe tongue bath goes on, she finds the new experience exciting and kind of a turn on. You get some nice soles in your face and toe tops being gobbled. The girls kiss and make up as they close it out.

    Surrender Your Soles - Carrie & Keagan

  • Sleepy Stockings – Lynn & Chelsea

    Lynn is sleeping on the bed. Chelsea can’t help noticing those soft sheer stocking clad soles. She decides she wants a little taste. Without waking up Lynn, she goes to work licking and sucking on Lynn’s tiny feet and toes. With the stockings on, Chelsea’s mouth works over Lynn’s feet without waking her… She now switches feet and works over that stocking clad sole and toes. After some more hot sleepy sucking. She decides she wants her tongue between Lynn’s toes. Removing the stockings from each leg. But OH NO Lynn wakes up! However she’s not mad. She quickly grabs Chelsea’s nude covered stocking long legs and starts rubbing them before she sucks on those stocking covered toes while Chelsea works her bare feet… Chelsea does a good job of licking between Lynn’s tiny toes and up her soles while Lynn works her nylon covered toes. You get some killer Lynn sole shots and double sucking action! Now Lynn kisses up Chelsea’s leg slowly removing her stocking. Now she gets those long Chelsea toes in her mouth… You get another angle of more double toe sucking action before Lynn removes the last of the stockings from Chelsea’s other leg. Now she rubs her fingers up Chelsea’s soles slightly tickling her to toe curling delight. Running her fingers between her toes first, followed by her tongue. You get some nice Chelsea SOLES RIGHT IN YOUR FACE as her toes spread and Lynn kisses on her feet. Even her facial expressions in the background are hot as she enjoys some hot foot love. Another classic long one and stockings left on longer for the fans. Enjoy!

    Sleepy Stockings - Lynn & Chelsea