• Warm Up My Feet – Jillian & Allie

    Allie is bummed because it’s spring break and she has nothing to do. Jillian comes in and makes some small talk. She then hops up on the bed to get comfortable and offer some loving to her girlfriend. She starts out with a massage to warm up Allie’s cold tootsies before wrapping her mouth around those sexy feet… Jillian misses nothing as she works each toe on the one foot, then the next. She licks up and down Allie’s soft soles and even does a nice DOUBLE BARREL BIG TOE action as she gobbles them both down. Allie then switches places and gets to work on Jillian’s cute tootsies… One thing I love about Jillian is she loves having her feet sucked. Even more, I love how she spreads, curls and wiggles her toes while they are worshipped. This time is no exception. You get some nice close ups of the steamy worship and see just how much Jillian’s enjoying the tongue bath. Safe to say they are warmed up head to toes. Enjoy!

    Warm Up My Feet - Jillian & Allie

  • Surrender Your Soles – Christina, Callie & Keagan

    Christina has some perfect proportioned feet, complete with a pedicure. It is no wonder Keagan and Callie wanna suck on them. However, Christina is not having it. Despite the pleas to convince her, she just does not wanna give up the tootsies. So… the girls have to take it into their own hands. Once they get Christina on the bed, they blindfold her and tie her up. Now her sexy feet and soft soles are theirs for the licking and a licking they do… With those meaty soles in your face and perfect toes in their mouth you have a bird’s eye view of worship perfection. Only YOU could do it better! I move around for some double toe worship action in the same shot and then back for some soles in my face and almost in my mouth action. Watching those long licks from Keagan and gobbling of the big toe by Callie is sweet perfection… Uh oh. All that tonguing between the toes has awoken sleeping beauty. She wakes up to find her sexy toes in her girls friends mouths. After a couple of minutes she starts to get into the worship and even enjoying watching her girls worshiping her feet. She is commenting about how it feels good and you can see in the background she is enjoying watching her friends sucking on her toes. They close out this hot soles in your face worship with a kiss.

    Surrender Your Soles - Christina, Callie & Keagan

  • Breaking In The New Girl – Keagan & Monica

    Keagan is a delicious little cutie with small feet and sexy toes. I interviewed her a month prior to her doing her first shoot and she was REALLY anxious. When we did our meeting she had told me her bf was into feet, but she never would let him get into sucking on her toes. Oddly enough, she was into the idea of a woman sucking on them and from this first scene with Monica, she definitely got into the action! … Monica comes in, some small talk and next thing you know those tiny toes and being licked, sucked and nibbled. She is biting her lips, soft moans and even some giggling when Monica is licking between her tiny toes. She is very ticklish in between. Monica licks up and down the soles so much they are wet. You get some killer soles in your face and hot toe sucking. Keagan has some well taken care of feet too. I wanted them in my mouth! Sit back and enjoy this tasty treat with this little cutie.

    Breaking In The New Girl - Keagan & Monica

  • Guess What I Learned – Summer & Allie

    Allie is watching TV and in comes Summer to tell her about her new experience with a boy. He did something weird. Allie asks what was it, Summer says, I can’t tell you. I would have to show you. So Allie’s like, Ok. Summer grabs one of Allie’s foot and says, he did some of this and licks up her sole. He did some of this and sucks on her toes. And some of this and gets her tongue snaking between. Allie is like, wow that’s weird but feels good… Summer keeps working Allie’s soft soles and toes on the first foot before switching to the next. Allie’s is making her little moans and noises telling Summer how good it feels. She then wants to give it a try in return. Summer lays back and Allie gets to work on her little toes and soles… You get some nice soles in your face and worship action. Allie learns well as she licks and sucks all the tootsies from pinky to BIG TOE. Then switch to the next foot to show what a good student she is in the art of foot love. Guess this “guy” taught them well ;-D.

    Guess What I Learned - Summer & Allie