• Breaking In The New Girl – Randi & Allie

    From the moment I met Randi, I knew she would be good to throw into the foot loving. She is yet another who’s never had her feet massaged, much less sucked, or by another woman. Well we will break her in properly. Randi is an incredibly sexy woman of color, something a lot have been asking for. Also she is outgoing and as you will find in later scenes, wastes no time getting into sucking a mean toe. In this clip Allie comes in and makes some small talk with this new cutie. Wasting no time she is rubbing on her sexy feet before taking them in her mouth… With all new girls, I love watching their facial expressions in the background as their toes get sucked and soles licked. You get plenty of nice views of the sucking, reaction shots and worshipping in your face. The camera rolls around for some toe tops view before closing out this first foot worship experience. As you will find out later, she didn’t miss a step learning the art of hot foot love. Enjoy!

    Breaking In The New Girl - Randi & Allie

  • Sexy Head To Toes – Ashley & Jasmin

    Jasmin and Ashlee have some well taken care of tootsies. The rest ain’t half bad either… LOL. Watching these two go at it is a thing of beauty. The girls start out at the table playing a little stocking footsies. Jasmin gets up on the table and Ashlee goes to work. First on those stocking clad toes, then she peels them off to slurp down that big toe. Ashlee’s mouth wrapped around Jasmin’s sexy well taken care of soft long toes, mmmm. Ashlee doesn’t seem to mind either. She moves on to the next and removes that stocking to get down to some hot worship. Jasmin enjoys her new girlfriend’s appreciation for her feet. You get some nice close ups of those hot pink peds… That is before the switch around. Ashlee lays down on the table getting comfortable. Jasmin uses her teeth to pull off those fishnets and give Ashlee’s sexy feet some oral attention. She does have some nice ones so it’s no wonder Jasmin puts a good loving lick on those soft toes and soles. Watch her tongue lick up and down them before deep throating that big toe again and getting her tongue snaking in between before they close it out with some kissing. Two beauties from head to toes along with hot worship? Yeah, you will not want to miss it.

    Sexy Head To Toes - Ashley & Jasmin

  • New Girl First Foot Love – Lilah, Gabi & Chelsea

    This is an extended version of two new girl foot worship sessions. First up is Lilah. Traditionally we have new girls broken in with Maria, or Carmen. But this is Chelsea’s turn to pass on what she’s learned in the art of foot worship. Lilah is just waiting on the bed and in comes Chelsea. They make some small talk and Chelsea starts rubbing Lilah’s big size 10 feet. She start out by tenderly kissing on them, before starting the toe sucking. Licking on her soles and sucking on her big toes… After she has worshipped the one foot. She moves on to the other. A little more intense this time with the foot worship session. Chelsea has picked up some of Carmen’s tricks with the sole biting, before returning to licking and sucking. The first half ends as Chelsea flops down next to Lilah… Next its adorable Gabi’s turn. Gabi is all of 5 foot tall. She has some freshly pedicured cute little feet and toes. Which Chelsea will more than take advantage of. Gabi walks in as Chelsea is lying down. Hoping up on the bed. In no time, Chelsea is rubbing and kissing on her toes. Gabi is kind of in awe as her feet are worshipped as she’s never had it done before, much less by another woman… Chelsea moves on to the other foot now. Licking on Gabi’s little feet and soles. Sucking on her cute little digits. Deep throating her big toes and working over all over for a proper foot worship initiation. Mission accomplished!

    New Girl First Foot Love - Lilah, Gabi & Chelsea

  • Toe Talk Toe Love – Allie & Tara

    Some playful foot compliments turn to foot admiration and then our favorite… foot worship. I have to admit that Allie has some superior feet. All you have to do is look at her and you can see she is one of those women who take care of themselves from head to TOES. Yum Yum. Tara can’t help but want to get those in her mouth. She is a bit shy at first, but in no time she is licking up those soft soles and deep throating the pretty pink toes… Allie before coming to work for us had never had her sexy feet sucked. But she’s come to appreciate the attention her toes deserve. She then gets into the frisk giving some foot licking back to Tara. Tara has some tender soft soles you just want to bite on. Allie gives as good as she gets putting a loving lick on those tootsies… Tara then decides it would be nice to engage in some DOUBLE FOOT SUCKING WORSHIP. So now you get to watch these two lovelies suck, lick and worship on each others’ toes with some passionate loving. You get the ever favorite SOLES IN YOUR FACE! Stick out your tongue, you can ALMOST taste Allie’s strawberry toes. Almost… The girls close this out kissing. Another nice foot sucking from these two beauties!

    Toe Talk Toe Love - Allie & Tara

  • Toe Tasting Teaser – Sydney & Chelsea

    Who doesn’t love a little tickly tootsies with hot foot worship from two beautiful women? Well that’s what you get with Chelsea and Sydney. While admiring the view of the lake, Sydney has something else she wants to admire. Chelsea’s toes. They get comfortable and Sydney gets to work on those long toes of Chelsea… You get some nice sole views and even some curling toes as Sydney’s tongue tickles Chelsea’s soles. Chelsea loves having her toes sucked and you can see that in the background as Sydney knows how to work those French fry toes. Chelsea flips it around and gets Sydney comfortable so that she can work those little plump digits of Sydney… I love Sydney. Not only is she cute as hell and her feet are so ticklish, but she is all smiles. She is the cutest little thing head to tiny toes and soles. Speaking of soles, you get them up in your face as Chelsea sucks and licks on them among other things. Namely her second foot as well. Nothing is missed as her big toes are deep throated, soles tongues and all around hot action. With these two you get hot action!

    Toe Tasting Teaser - Sydney & Chelsea

  • Talented Tongue – Alyssa & Lexi

    Beautiful Alyssa is laying on the bed and is joined by delicious Lexi. Lexi can’t help but notice Alyssa’s ultra soft soles on the bed and wants to give them a lick. In no time Lexi is gobbling down those big toes and licking on those soft soles. Alyssa is moaning and telling her how much she is enjoying the foot worship… Lexi gives as good as she receives and moves from one foot to the next and not an inch is missed from toes to soles. Sole lovers are sure to enjoy! But Alyssa wants a mouthful of Lexi’s sexy feet as well… Who can blame her? Lexi has some great feet I would love to suck and fuck myself. Alyssa’s lucky day as she gets her tongue flicking up and down the soft soles and pedicured toes. You get some nice deep throating of those perfect big toes. You couldn’t ask for more than two beauties enjoying each others’ feet.

    Talented Tongue - Alyssa & Lexi

  • Lost Foot Love – Summer & Rachelle

    Somehow I missed this little gem some years back. I just happened to be going through old video and organizing them and found it. You are sure to enjoy as Rachelle is enjoying some time off. Summer comes into join her. In no time the talk turns to toes as Summer gets to licking on Rachelle’s delicious feet and soles… Summer puts Rachelle up on the table to get better angles at her feet. Not only her, but me as I get Rachelle’s soft soles up on my face and her toes glide into Summer’s mouth. She works the one foot, then the next. Nothing is missed from toes to soles… Rachelle enjoys her toe tongue bath and decides it’s time to return the loving lick. She puts Summer up on the table and gets to work. She is loving and licking on Summer’s tiny toes and soft soles. You get some nice action and Summer watches on as Rachelle works some oral loving… Rachelle then switches up feet and gets her tongue working from pinky to big toe, soles and arch. Nothing is missed in this hot foot sucking. You get Summer’s soles up in your face so give them a lick! Rachelle and Summer close it out with a kiss. Nice!

    Lost Foot Love - Summer & Rachelle

  • Up Close And Personal – Rachelle & Misty

    This is a nice clip because of the superior amount of toe sucking and the angles. The angles in this are KILLER. Plus the close ups that are so IN YOUR FACE you feel like you are in the scene! This starts out with Misty on the bed, on her stomach. Rachelle comes in and gets to work. You get to enjoy some nice SOLES UP toe sucking action as Rachelle works over those waiting feet… Rachelle moves on to the next foot and puts a spit shine on those soles. Misty wants in on the action and this is where the close ups get fierce and IN YOUR FACE with some KILLER angles! Misty works the soles and toes where you a toe tops view as she works over the sexy Rachelle purple, or lavender toes. Gobbling up those big toes… You get some more nice sole licking and toe sucking as Misty tries to take BOTH BIG TOES IN HER MOUTH AT ONCE! Then I move around for a sweet angle with the foot worship RIGHT IN YOUR EYE and looking down on Rachelle’s face as she enjoys a good tongue to toe bath. This sexy clip ends as Rachelle wraps her legs around Misty and pulls her in for a kiss. YUM! The angles alone are enough on this one, but the beauties and HOT foot worship put it over the edge.

    Up Close And Personal - Rachelle & Misty

  • Stocking Table Top – Alexis & Chelsea

    Alexis is relaxing at the table and in walks Chelsea. She notices how good Alexis toes look in a pair of white sheer stockings. I have to agree. But Alexis always looks good. Anyways, Chelsea gets down on her knees and rubs and kisses on Alexis legs. She then pushes her up on the table for a better view and angle on some foot worship. She kisses and sucks on Alexis’ white stocking clad toes and licks up her soles. She then kisses down her leg and slowly slides off her stocking before licking on her bare toes… Licking up Alexis soft feet and between her toes. She moves on to the next leg. Same as before, kissing down her legs and then getting to the toes. Some nice face and sole looking down shots for her facial expressions as Chelsea works over her feet… Chelsea wraps the stocking around Alexis’ ankle to pull her toes up to her mouth. Hot. Then Alexis pulls Chelsea in, they kiss and it’s time to switch it around. Alexis is a quick study and kisses down Chelsea’s legs, pushing up her pants. Then sucking on her nude colored stocking toes… She now removes them from the first leg. Kissing and licking down her leg until the stockings removed and she gets to Chelsea’s long bare toes. Which she then puts in her mouth… Chelsea’s feet are ticklish and at times Alexis’ tongue makes them curl and spread as Chelsea laughs. Alexis removes the other stocking and gets down to sucking on Chelsea’s nice feet and licking between her toes. Sucking that big toe like it’s a … The girls then make out a little more to end the scene and you get some top down foot shots. This clip was so hot, it ended up going 16 minutes! It was only supposed to be a 10 minute scene. Wowsa! But who are we to stop hot foot action when we see it ;) .

    Stocking Table Top - Alexis & Chelsea

  • Audition – Jamie & Summer

    This is really more of an outtake or us playing around with new girl Jaime. But it might be of interest to some. Jaime is brand new and she was working on a tickling shoot. We were talking to her about doing the other projects for us but she wanted a dry run. So we had Summer still left from that shoot and threw them in the bed and this is the result. Since it wasn’t going to be a full clip, you have a lot of playing around compared to a real clip, but Jaime really surprised us that she jumped right into the toe sucking. Come to find out, she is into feet too! Very nice. So we will be trying to get Jaime back as soon as possible for some real foot fun. This clip starts out Summer walking in on Jaime. Taking notice of her feet, she give them some kissing before sucking her toes. She licks up her sole, then switches feet. Jaime is definitely enjoying having her toes sucked, judging from her talking and facial expressions. That alone made this post worthy… Now it’s Jaime’s turn to show us how she worships a toe. She quickly grabs Summer’s tiny foot and is licking and sucking those little toes in no time. You would think she had did this before as she goes right into licking between and working the big toes. She sucks over all the toes a few times and even works in some biting. She switches feet and gives some more good foot loving. Summer is being silly for the most part, but the worshipping Jaime’s giving her is nice. This scene ends in the two of them kissing. All in all, a nice preview of things to come hopefully with Jaime.

    Audition - Jamie & Summer