• Sore Stocking Suck – Tara & Summer

    Summer’s little feet are tired from dance class. Tara took the same class but she’s a good sport and rubs Summer’s feet. She asks Summer if she’s ever had someone really worship her toes. In the blink of an eye, Tara has those fishnet covered big toes deep in her mouth, sucking and licking on them. Tara very slowly peels the fishnet stockings off inch by inch, with toe sucking at the same time. It’s a SUPER tease! Once the stockings are off, Summer’s feet get a total licking from Tara’s tongue, with nice sole views for you. Summer likes all of this and pays Tara back with some loving licks on Tara’s sheer white stocking covered toes. The stockings come off and Tara’s long toes are in Summer’s mouth, her tongue snaking between the toes. Finally, both girls work on each other’s feet at the same time, which is a REAL turn-on. You will love this scene!

    Sore Stocking Suck - Tara & Summer

  • Get Down Toe It II – Summer, Rachelle, Toni & Monica

    We’ve found more footage of the Summer, Toni, Monica & Rachelle crazy foot worship party! Bonus for you. I’m not even going to try to describe it, you just have to see it.

    Get Down Toe It II - Summer, Rachelle, Toni & Monica

  • Get Down Toe It – Summer, Rachelle, Toni & Monica

    This is one smokin hot stocking scene with multiple girls! Summer and Rachelle slowly put stockings on each other, nice slow build up with closeups. But then Monica and Toni bust in and get to work! Toni takes Summer’s feet while Monica works on Rachelle. Toni peels the stocking off and wraps it between Summer’s toes while Monica kisses and licks all over Rachelle’s legs before peeling off those stockings. When the feet are bare, you get in your face close ups of Toni and Monica’s HOT foot worshipping. These girls know what they like and they go for it, with deep toe sucking, hell, full-on foot sucking! Now the girls switch and Summer pulls off Toni’s pump and her stockings, getting down for some super hot foot licking and toe sucking, right in your face. Monica and Summer start making out, you get two girls on one foot, this is just too much for words.

    Get Down Toe It - Summer, Rachelle, Toni & Monica

  • Slow Sandal Toe Stocking – Summer & Maria

    Summer is hanging out in the kitchen in her sheer white stockings and sandals when Maria walks in. She takes off Summer’s mules and starts sucking those tiny stocking covered toes. After peeling Summer’s stockings off, she gives her feet a thorough, and I mean THOROUGH, tongue bath. Everything gets totally licked — soles, arches, toes, everything. She is WORSHIPPING and you get nice closeup views. Summer starts licking Maria’s nude stocking clad toes and soles. She removed Maria’s stockings and deeply sucking big toes in this hot girl-girl mutual foot worship scene, with double toe sucking and great views of both girls working the other’s feet at the same time!

    Slow Sandal Toe Stocking - Summer & Maria

  • Shana, Sasha & Marie

    Sasha walks into the bedroom to find Shana sleeping. Sasha begins tickling her feet, then sucking and biting them. Marie comes in to help out Sasha by holding Shana down while Sasha gives Shana more foot tickling and toe sucking. Marie wants Sasha’s feet, though, and the two of them begin sucking each other’s toes while Shana takes a break and watches. After a bit of this, they return to holding down Shana while Sasha gives her feet a total working, licking toes, biting and sucking heels. Every millimeter of Shana’s feet gets attended to by tongue and mouth. Shana flips Sasha around and holds her down while Marie works on Sasha’s big toes, feet and soles. Thorough foot worship is the game here, plus a little three-way footsies at the end.

    Shana, Sasha & Marie

  • Shana & Marie

    Shana and Marie are hanging out, enjoying the beautiful day. After taking off Shana’s shoes and socks, Marie gives her a foot massage with her hands and mouth. Shana returns the favor, then both hold their feet up, giving you a toe curling sole view. Finally, they join soles for a little footie war. Cute!

    Shana & Marie

  • Stocking Lovin – Sasha & Toni

    Sasha is hanging out, waiting for Toni, who immediately gets working on Sasha’s stocking clad toes. Sasha’s entire foot gets a tongue batch, then the stockings get peeled off. Toni’s talented tongue snakes between the toes, which Sasha loves. After a thorough worship, Toni switches and gets attention on her feet. Sasha licks all toes and soles heartily then takes Toni’s toes in her mouth. This is perfect girl-girl foot worship!

    Stocking Lovin - Sasha & Toni

  • Three Stocking Suck – Sasha, Monica & Toni

    Sasha is waiting for Monica and Toni to get home. Monica arrives and after some small talk, peels off Sasha’s shoes and starts licking and sucking her stocking clad toes. She slides off Sasha’s stockings and gets to licking those bare soles, right in your face. Sasha shows her appreciation by rubbing her toes on Monica’s chest, and she’s really curling those toes. Sasha gets to work on Monica’s size 9 feet which are wrapped in black stockings. She gives some good sucking and licking action, then pulls off the stockings because she wants bare toes! Monica gives Sasha’s chest a curled toe fondling as well. Toni comes in and joins the fun with both girls working on Toni’s white stocking toes. After the stockings are off, the tongues are flying between those toes and the soles are getting mega licked. It all ends up with intertwined legs, two and three way toe sucking, and all mouths on all feet. This is a foot worship winner right here.

    Three Stocking Suck - Sasha, Monica & Toni

  • Tickle Tongueing Toni – Sasha, Monica & Toni

    Ready for a hot THREE WAY FOOT WORSHIP scene… with HANDCUFFS? Toni, Monica and Sasha get together. Monica starts sucking on Toni’s stocking covered toes while Sasha handcuffs Toni. Monica and Sasha then strip off Toni’s stockings and tie her at the ankles. Now these two go nuts, Monica starts running a bead necklace through Toni’s toes, tickling her, while Sasha tickles Toni with a feather toy. Monica gives Toni’s feet a suck here and there, but their main mission is to drive Toni insane, which they do. Then they get down to sucking and licking Toni’s feet. After awhile, it’s Sasha’s turn for the tickling, sucking and licking treatment. Toni pays attention to every single toe and in between with her tongue and mouth. Watch for some seriously in your face soles here, while the feet are being sucked and licked. This scene will really get you off.

    Tickle Tongueing Toni - Sasha, Monica & Toni

  • Stocking Love – Sasha & Monica

    Monica is lounging around in her sheer stockings when Sasha walks in. Sasha’s a real horndog who pulls off Monica’s shoes and starts tonguework on her stocking clad toes. Lots of licking and sucking before she peels off the stockings to get to Monica’s bare feet. Monica loves the treatment her long toes are getting and gives you a close up in your face view of her soles. Monica switches places and starts working over Sasha’s feet, with more sole shots for you, as she practically gives Sasha’s big toe a blowjob! Lots of passionate toe sucking (and foot fondling breast action!) in this really hot scene.

    Stocking Love - Sasha & Monica