• Nylons, Toes, Tongue, Tickle – Renee & Toni

    Toni and Renee spice up this girl-girl stocking worship clip with some super hot double foot worship! You can tell that their foot fetish feelings are REAL, as well as their feelings for each other. Lots of closeups to put you right in the middle of the action, with stocking toe sucking and sole licking, followed by stocking peeling and bare toe sucking. You also get to watch Toni run her nails across Renee’s meaty soles, giving a tickling to Renee that makes her curl those plump toes of hers. This is a scene that will take you all the way.

    Nylons, Toes, Tongue, Tickle - Renee & Toni

  • Renee Licks a Tigger By the Toe – Tigger & Renee

    Tigger’s tired feet get some attention here from Renee, Renee loves to worship them. She slowly peels off her own stocking and the gets Tigger’s toes in mouth for some lovely sucking and kissing. After kissing up her leg and removing Tigger’s stocking, Renee gets her tongue working on bare toes. Lots of nice kissing, sucking and licking going on here, on both feet. You’re treated to some great sole licks here, too. This is a lovely scene.

    Renee Licks a Tigger By the Toe - Tigger & Renee

  • Monica & Summer Return – Summer & Monica

    Monica is a serious foot lover and especially loves her first time with another girl. You get to witness her first time with Summer in this hot scene. Monica pushes Summer onto the table and rubs Summer’s toes on her chest. She then gets into the footwork before slowly removing Summer’s nude stockings. Monica gives those soles a long loving lick and worship’s Summer’s tiny toes. Soon, BOTH big toes are in her mouth! They switch and Summer gives Monica the same treatment she got, inching off her stockings while kissing her leg to toe. Summer is no slouch in the licking and sucking department and Monica loves the foot worship she gets!

    Monica & Summer Return - Summer & Monica

  • Foot Lickin – Renee & Monica

    Monica wants to give Renee some serious toe worship. She takes off Renee’s sandal and starts licking her stocking covered sole. She pulls off the stocking with her teeth and begins sucking Renee’s plump digits and sliding her tongue in between the toes. Soles get licked and toes get DEEPLY sucked. Then they switch and Renne starts kissing Monica’s toes through her open toed shoes. She unstraps the shoes, slides off Monica’s nude stockings and gets to the licking and sucking. Monica’s big feet are sensitive and it shows with her facial expressions and moaning! Renee rubs Monica’s bare toes on her chest then goes back for more mouth to foot work. This is a HOT scene.

    Foot Lickin - Renee & Monica

  • Stocking Tickle & Toe Suck – Renee, Toni, Monica & Maria

    Renee gets gang jumped by Toni, Monica and Maria in this amazing FOUR-WAY foot worship scene with stockings! Renee’s subjected to intense tickling while being held down, but then they have mercy on her and peel off her stockings so they can work on her bare feet. The action jumps from girl to girl, with each getting her toes generously licked and sucked by the other three. If you like intense foot worship with tons of toe sucking, tongues snaking between toes and arches and soles getting licked completely, then this incredible four-way scene will blow your mind.

    Stocking Tickle & Toe Suck - Renee, Toni, Monica & Maria

  • Footsie to Foot Love – Renee & Maria

    While they watch a movie, Maria “accidentally” rubs her foot across Renee’s foot. They start playing footsies, which escalates into Maria straddling Renee with her stocking covered soles up and ready for for licking. Maria pulls at the stockings with her teeth too, and ends up using her teeth to inch those stockings off. Now barefoot, Renee’s fat toes get a workout from Maria’s hungry mouth. She licks between the toes and pays plenty of attention to those sexy soles. Renee grabs Maria’s fishnet covered foot and starts going to town, licking the soles and sucking the big toe. Once Maria’s stockings are off, Renee goes on a sucking frenzy, working all those toes, with great closeup in your face camerawork. This is some truely passionate foot worship.

    Footsie to Foot Love - Renee & Maria

  • New Girl Stocking Love – Tigger & Renee

    Cutie Tigger is 20 years old and this is her FIRST girl-girl foot worship scene! Witness the taking of her foot virginity by Renee. Tigger starts in fishnets and Renee in white sheer stockings. They play footsies and next thing you know, they are kissing. The toes get the next attention, with Tigger kissing down Renee’s legs to her red painted toes. She sucks those plump digits good through the stockings, then she slowly inches the stockings down. Bare foot worship follows with great sucking and sole licking, and tongue between toes. You will not believe this is Tigger’s first time but it really is, this girl just has the urge in her blood. Renee starts working on Tigger, peeling the fishnets off and deeply sucking each toe, from big toe to pinky toe. Same treatment on the other foot, it’s like she’s giving the big toe a BJ! This is foot worship at its best.

    New Girl Stocking Love - Tigger & Renee

  • Stocking Sizzler – Renee, Rachelle & Monica

    Renee and Rachelle decide to double-team Monica. They force her to her knees and start rubbing the stocking toes all over her and in her face. Poor Monica, eh? Monica does her best to kiss and suck on all those stocking clad toes. Then they all get on the bed and Rachelle becomes the worshipee. Renee and Monica work on her feet while moving up her legs to slide off those stockings. This part of the scene is really smokin hot, it’s slow passionate foot worship at its best. Once they have the stockings off, they tie up Rachelle’s feet and tag team them, right up in your face. Renee gets attention next, with her fire engine red toes getting sucked and licked, before her stockings are removed. More passionate foot worship follows, before Monica finally gets her due. Her big size 10 feet give these girls plenty to work with, and it’s right in your face. You get closeup toe sucking, snaking tongues between toes and sole licking, with lots of verbalizing through the whole scene. This one’s amazing.

    Stocking Sizzler - Renee, Rachelle & Monica

  • Shipping Stockings – Rachelle & Renee

    Here’s a hot BIKINI foot worship scene shot on a boat! Renee and Rachelle are getting some sun and decide to get it on. Rachelle’s wearing stockings and Renee sucks on those wrapped up toes. She removes the stockings and gives you some great soles-in-your-face toe sucking. The girls strick down to their bikinis and continue the worshipping. Rachelle sucks on Renee’s white stocking covered toes and soles, then peels the stockings off for bare foot and toe action. This is a super spicy scene that you will love!

    Shipping Stockings - Rachelle & Renee

  • Steamy Stocking Sole Lovin – Rachelle, Renee & Maria

    Heavy duty two-on-one action in this great scene with Rachelle, Renee and Maria. With these three girls, you know you’re in for a good one. Rachelle is lying on the bed in black fishnets when Renee and Maria walk in. These two dive in, with Maria pulling at the fishnets with her teeth and Renee licking Rachelle’s sexy feet. They peel the stockings off with their teeth and get to the toe sucking, sucking so hard their cheeks cave in. Then it’s Maria’s turn, her big nude stocking’ed feet getting worked over, with and without the stockings. Maria ends up with saliva-covered big toes and well-licked arches and soles, with Rachelle and Renee ganging up on a single foot in some hot action. Finally, Renee gets a tongue bath on her tootsies, which are wrapped up in sheer white (and wet) stockings. Teeth pull the stockings off and Renee’s plump painted toes get sucked good. Her meaty soles get a wonderful licking, too. Hot hot hot hot hot!

    Steamy Stocking Sole Lovin - Rachelle, Renee & Maria