• Breaking In the New Girl – Mary & Onika

    Mary gets a gentle break-in for her first girl-girl foot worship scene with Onika. After some small talk, Onika starts by rubbing Mary’s feet. This soon leads to some test licks and sucks. Next thing you know, Onika is sliding her tongue between Mary’s toes and Mary is cooing and moaning in appreciation. Onika gives those tootsies and toes a thorough licking that you will love to watch.

    Breaking In the New Girl - Mary & Onika

  • Socks & Soles – Maria & Toni

    This long scene has Toni trying to make Maria feel better (she’s a bit under the weather). She slowly slides one of Maria’s socks off, kissing and licking her foot before sucking on her toes. This is ticklish and makes Maria giggle a bit when Toni runs her tongue around Maria’s sole. She gets the other sock off and soon Toni is licking between toes and even working the pinky toe. The action gets more and more intense, with plenty of soles in your face and ticklish squirming. More doctors should prescribe this treatment!

    Socks & Soles - Maria & Toni

  • Foot Lickin Threesome – Maria, Monica & Toni

    Monica and Toni find Maria taking a nap. They need no invitation, they carefully peel off Maria’s socks and start licking soles and toes. After some toe sucking, Maria gets on her back and these two start sucking away, while Maria’s soles are right in your face. Monica and Toni really know how to work out a pair of girl feet, just like you would!

    Foot Lickin Threesome - Maria, Monica & Toni

  • First Timer – Maria & Monica

    Monica is the lucky girl who gets to initiate Maria into the world of foot worship in this scene. Maria was a bit nervous, but Monica started slowly with a foot massage to ease her into it. Light kissing and licking follows, until Maria is used to it. Then Monica dives into Maria’s toes, licking between them and sucking them good. Once she’s got Maria worked up good, they switch and it’s Maria’s turn to work over Monica’s long feet and toes. Maria was a fast learner, very soon she’s sucking and tonguing toes like a pro. This is a great break-in scene!

    First Timer - Maria & Monica

  • Sole Licker – Maria & Monica

    Monica walks in the bedroom to find Maria lying on the bed. She goes right for Maria’s feet, licking up and down the soles and toes. Maria’s ticklish and her legs even shake from this treatment, which is REALLY hot. Monica straddles her and really gets to work on those soles, licking and tickling everywhere. Maria gets the full benefit of this lickfest, including getting Monica’s mouth on both her big toes at once. A hot little scene!

    Sole Licker - Maria & Monica

  • Maria’s Seduction – Maria & Carmen

    Maria walks in on Carmen watching TV and she’s bound and determined to distract her from what she’s watching. She starts kissing Carmen, unbuttoning her shirt and moving on down. Once she gets to Carmen’s feet, the toes are in the mouth and the soles are getting worked. Carmen obviously enjoys this, because she has her other foot under Maria’s skirt, diddling away. Maria is furiously licking away at Carmen’s heels and soles, then they switch and it’s Carmen’s turn to do the work. She takes off Maria’s heels and starts sucking and licking away. Eventually, they’ve grabbed both of each other’s feet and are sucking toes like it’s going out of style. This is passionate foot worship at its best.

    Maria's Seduction - Maria & Carmen

  • Hot Foot Lovin – Maria & Carmen

    Maria and Carmen really get down for some loving in this superhot scene. Maria’s half naked and Carmen’s got her gown open, you get full body kissing and full-on seduction between the two of them. Carmen gets down on her knees and opens Maria’s nightgown, Maria kisses her way down to Carmen’s toes. Maria gives Carmen’s toes and feet a workout, then they switch. Maria’s heels get lots of tongue attention from Carmen, as well as all around and in between her toes. LOTS of foot and leg kissing, hell, lots of full body kissing in this smokin’ scene.

    Hot Foot Lovin - Maria & Carmen

  • Foot Love Initiation – Lynn & Sasha

    In this great scene, you get to witness the taking of Lynn’s foot worshipping virginity by Sasha, who knows what she is doing. Sasha lightly licks and kisses Lynn’s toes and soles to start her off easy, but then she really gets to work. Sasha sucks those toes really good and makes sure to get plenty of licks in on those tender soles. Check out Lynn’s face and you’ll know she’s getting into it. Welcome to foot Worship, Lynn!

    Foot Love Initiation - Lynn & Sasha

  • McDreamy Toe Love – Lynn, Jaime & Sasha

    Lynn is lying on her stomach on the bed when Jaime and Sasha come in. They waste no time getting down to biz on Lynn’s toes and soles. They double-team each foot, sharing and worshipping it. After awhile, Sasha lies on her back for some double-teaming of her own. Her feet are right in your face as Jaime and Lynn flick their tongues between her toes and lick those soles. Jaime’s turn is next, with her plump toes and soft soles getting the treatment from Lynn and Sasha. All three girls are nice and vocal in this scene, it’s a three-way straight from foot worship heaven!

    McDreamy Toe Love - Lynn, Jaime & Sasha

  • Show Me Your Feet – Jillian & Renee

    Renee the realtor is showing a house to Jillian, but Jillian wants something else. She pushes Renee into a chair and starts taking off Renee’s shoes. Renee’s plump big toes are the first thing to get licked, then Jillian peels off Renee’s stocking so she can get to the bare essentials. Once those feet are bare, Jillian practically inhales both big toes at once and sucks them for all they’re worth. Renee turns the tables by getting Jillian up ON the table. Jillian is wiggling her toes while Renee starts licking, but then she spreads them WIDE for Renee’s tongue to get in between. With Jillian’s soles in your face, Renee continues the suckfest, giving Jillian as good a foot worship as she received. Excellent!

    Show Me Your Feet - Jillian & Renee