• Seduction Head 2 Toes – Monica & Allie

    Monica and Allie start out with some kissing before Allie gets pushed onto the bed. Monica kisses down her body, straight down to her feet. She gets busy licking between the toes and deeply sucking the big toe. Monica works both of Allie’s feet to her satisfaction, then they switch. Allie gives as good as she received, licking soles and sucking toes, while Monica gives her plenty of HOT SEXY verbal instruction that will really get you hot and bothered. This is a super steamy girl-girl foot worship seduction scene.

    Seduction Head 2 Toes - Monica & Allie

  • Stocking Romance – Misty, Sasha & Maria

    Sasha and Misty walk into Maria’s bedroom and basically assault her, getting her face down on the bed so they can suck on her toes. Maria’s wearing sheer white stockings, and the girls love this, sucking furiously on Maria’s toes while you get some great sole views. Soon the stockings are off and the girls are licking Maria’s sexy soles. This is two-on-one action at its best! Misty decides she wants a piece of Sasha, so she pushes Sasha down and she and Maria get going on Sasha’s nude-color stocking’ed feet. After the stockings are off, the tongues go between toes and soles get completely licked. Finally, it’s Misty’s turn for action and her fishnet-covered toes are in Maria and Sasha’s mouths. With her soles right in your face, Misty gets a monster suck job on her toes. This is a great scene with plenty of in-your-face action!

    Stocking Romance - Misty, Sasha & Maria

  • Get Down TOEnight – Misty & Sasha

    Misty and Sasha start out kissing each other with Misty on the table. Sasha is really into Misty’s feet, she gives them some very sensual licking and sucking. Misty gets really worked up and returns the favor with some amazing toe sucking and sole licking. Sasha rubs her foot on Misty’s body as Misty sucks the other foot’s toes and gets the sole shining with saliva. These two are like animals with each others’ feet!

    Get Down TOEnight - Misty & Sasha

  • Working Those Stocking Big Toes – Misty & Sasha

    Misty is waiting for Sasha to give her another foot worship lesson. She wore the black stockings Sasha told her to wear. Sasha pulls at the stockings with her teeth, stretching them so she can get her tongue between Misty’s wrapped toes. She gives the other foot the same treatment, then removes the stockings so she can get to the the bare toes. She gives some great toe sucking and sole licking, then switches places to Misty can return the favor. Sasha’s wearing fishnets and Misty gets those toes in her mouth. She removes the fishnets and starts a real lickfest on Sasha’s toes and soles. This is quite sexy and passionate!

    Working Those Stocking Big Toes - Misty & Sasha

  • Breaking in the New Girl – Misty & Sasha

    Misty, another new girl getting broken in to foot worship, is attended to by Sasha. Sasha comes in and BOOM has Misty’s size 8 feet in her mouth. Misty was shocked at how Sasha dove right in, but it turns out she LOVED it. Sasha’s tongue bath continued on both feet, with the soles right in your face as she licks between Misty’s toes. Sasha even treated Misty to a double big toe suck. Misty is now initiated.

    Breaking in the New Girl - Misty & Sasha

  • Take Three Toe Suckers… – Misty, Maria & Sasha

    The hot threeway scene starts out with Misty getting her feet generously worshipped by Maria and Sasha. Sasha really gets to work, spreading out Misty’s toes and getting her tongue way between the toes, with the soles in your face. Then these two give Misty’s soles a good workout. When she can’t take anymore, Misty gets Sasha to lay back, and she and Maria go to town on Sash’s feet. They tagteam each foot, one sucking toes while the other one licks sole. This is really hot! The action moves to Maria’s feet and toes, which get a mean sucking from Misty and Sasha. More tagteam footwork here in all kinds of angles. This is a killer scene that you will cherish.

    Take Three Toe Suckers... - Misty, Maria & Sasha

  • Suck a Mean Toe – Misty & Maria

    Misty is lying in bed, wearing sheer white stockings. Maria comes in, takes one look at Misty’s stocking clad toes and soles, and instantly has them in her mouth. Maria slowly removes Misty’s stockings, kissing leg all the way, until she gets to that tasty bare sole she’s had the urge to lick. Toes get sucked, including both big toes at ones. Then they switch and Misty is the one doing the worshipping, sliding Maria’s stockings off so she can get at those plump toes. Loving sole licks and deep toe sucking follows. These two girls know what they’re doing and know how to get you going!

    Suck a Mean Toe - Misty & Maria

  • Breaking In the New Girl II – Misty & Maria

    Maria enters this scene and finds Misty waiting for her. After some small talk, Maria gets down to business. As Maria tongues her soles and licks between her toes, Misty gives her foots and toes some really good flexes, with her foot right in your face. Maria loves on both feet, snaking her tongue around toes and nibbles on sides and soles. This is a great little scene!

    Breaking In the New Girl II - Misty & Maria

  • Panties, Petting, Peds – Misty & Carmen

    Carmen joins Misty, who is straddling a chair in sexy black stockings. She gets Misty up on the table and dives right into sucking those stocking-wrapped toes. You are close up with Misty’s feet right in your face while she does this. Carmen passionately works Misty’s feet, then inches her stockings off to get to the meat of the matter. Misty’s big toe gets a major sucking here, and Carmen is not shy about licking Misty’s legs either. She gets all those digits in her mouth for a sensual tongueing. Misty pulls a switcheroo, now Carmen’s on the table with Misty taking off Carmen’s shoes. Misty’s toe sucking gets Carmen really curling and spreading those tiny toes of hers. In your face sole licking follows, plus Misty gets both those big toes in her mouth during the suckfest! This is a superhot foot worshipping makeout scene!

    Panties, Petting, Peds - Misty & Carmen

  • I Love Your Feet – Mary & Onika

    Onika and Mary come home and immediately are down for some foot love. Onika pushes Mary onto the bed and starts mouthing Mary’s plump toes. Licking and sucking ensues, complete with both big toes getting sucked at the same time! It’s like your right next to Onika, Mary’s soles are up in your face and her toes are being worked in front of your eyes. Mary switches things around and starts licking Onikas small soles and licking in between her tiny toes. You will want to join in!

    I Love Your Feet - Mary & Onika