• Stocking Initiation – Ashley & Maria

    Ashley’s never had her feet worshipped by another woman before, so Maria is going to initiate her. Ashley is wearing sheer white stockings as Maria starts rubbing her feet. Maria begins licking and sucking Ashley’s stocking-wrapped soles and toes. She then runs her fingers across Ashley’s soles, causing some ticklish toe curling and spreading. Ashley can really wiggle those toes, as you’ll see here. Maria slowly peels one of the stockings off so she can work on one of Ashley’s fabulously wrinkled bare soles. Once the second stocking is off, Ashley’s feet get licked and sucked from heel to toe. Each toe gets attention, with loving licks in between the toes as well. Another girl brought into the foot worship world.

    Stocking Initiation - Ashley & Maria

  • I Want Your Feet – April & Chelsea

    Chelsea starts this scene off by pushing April onto the bed and diving right into her toes, kissing and licking them intently. April spreads and curls her toes through the whole thing, which will drive you crazy. Chelsea is soon sucking on those tasty toes, and holding them apart so she can get her tongue into every millimeter between them. She then works over April’s soft soles, licking them thoroughly. April switches places and kisses her way down to Chelsea’s long toes, painted fire engine red. April tickles Chelsea as she roughly sucks and licks those wiggling digits. Watch for some great toe curling and spreading action when April is licking Chelsea’s soles, you will LOVE it!

    I Want Your Feet - April & Chelsea

  • Bossy Foot Love – April & Chelsea

    In this scene, Chelsea kisses April, unbuttons her shirt and tells April to worship her feet. She spreads her toes wide so Chelsea can lick her tongue between them, and curls them tight as Chelsea licks her silky soles. This will really get you going! Chelsea goes to town sucking on April’s toes, every toe is completely licked and sucked to April’s satisfaction. Once she’s satisfied, she pulls Chelsea up to her, kisses her and pushes her back, returning the favor on Chelsea’s feet. April licks and sucks Chelsea’s long toes, really getting into it, as Chelsea curls and spreads them. You will love watching these two girls give each other some serious foot love!

    Bossy Foot Love - April & Chelsea

  • You Lose. Lick It. – Amy & Sasha

    Sasha’s lost a bet, so she has to do whatever Amy tells her to do. Amy wants foot worship, and Sasha is more than happy to oblige. The socks come off and she starts out by licking Amy’s wrinkled soles, working up to her tasty toes. Sasha really gets into this scene, deep throating Amy’s big toes and worshipping those sexy soles of hers (which you get to see nice and close up!). Amy then grabs Sasha’s foot and has that big toe deep into her mouth. Amy doesn’t skimp on the suction and loving worship. Plenty of double toe sucking action in this hot scene!

    You Lose. Lick It. - Amy & Sasha

  • Breaking In the New Girl – Amy & Sasha

    Sasha breaks her friend Amy into foot worship action in this great scene. Amy’s never had anyone massage or suck on her feet, so she was in for a real experience. Sasha quickly had Amy’s big feet in her mouth, sucking, licking and kissing them. Wrinkled soles fans, watch this scene, Amy’s are awesome, as are her long toes. Sasha gives Amy’s feet a serious workover, this is how foot worship virgins should be broken.

    Breaking In the New Girl - Amy & Sasha

  • Sleepy, Socks, Sole, Stocking, Suck – Amy, Mackenzie & Sasha

    Sasha and Mackenzie walk in on Amy sleeping on the bed. They start rubbing and kissing her socked feet, slowly pulling the socks off with their teeth. We got you close in to their double foot worship — Amy’s long toes being sucked on by both girls, and the soles get attention too. Amy wakes up and rolls over so they can really gang up on her tootsies. Soon, they switch off and start worshipping each others feet and toes. You get more sock kissing, plus Sasha is in stocking, which get sucked and kissed really good. This scene is packed full of deep big toe sucking, slow toe teases, and in-your-face sole worship. This is HOT!

    Sleepy, Socks, Sole, Stocking, Suck - Amy, Mackenzie & Sasha

  • Fire Engine Foot Love – Amy & Mackenzie

    Mackenzie is all dressed up with sheer white stockings and heels. Amy enters the room and gets on the bed with her. Mackenzie starts off by rubbing Amy’s narrow feet and long toes, but they’re soon in her mouth. As she sucks on those sexy toes, she pulls off Amy’s fishnet stockings and begins lovingly licking her wrinkled soles and between the toes. They switch, with Amy kissing Mackenzie’s stocking-clad toes and soles. After she removes Mackenzie’s stockings, Amy concentrated on those plump big toes. This is some great mutual foot worship, ending up with some steamy kisses.

    Fire Engine Foot Love - Amy & Mackenzie

  • Dreamy Stockings – Allie & Monica

    Put Allie and Monica in the same scene and you have a recipe for hotness! First of all, listen to the sexy talk Monica lays on Allie about her feet and stockings. Next thing you know, Allie’s on the bed with Monica licking and sucking Allie’s long toes through her sheer white stockings. Those stockings quickly get pulled off and Monica’s tongue is wrapped around toes. Allie’s soft soles get worshipped as well. Then they switch and Allie is licking Monica’s fishnet-wrapped soles. The fishnets get peeled off, the toes get sucked and the feet get licked. They both get down to some intense mutual foot worship and making out. This scene is HOT HOT HOT!

    Dreamy Stockings - Allie & Monica

  • Triple Your Pleasure – Alexis, Renee & Rachelle

    Renee and Rachelle walk into the bedroom and find Alexis waiting for them. They don’t even bother waiting for Alexis to take off her stockings, they just begin sucking on Alexis’ toes and soles. They tear off her stockings and start slurping and licking those sexy feet and toes, making sure to get all in between the toes as well. Alexis takes Rachelle’s ticklish foot and starts licking the soles and toes (with a great closeup view for you!). Rachelle and Alexis then turn to Renee, worshipping her feet with their hungry mouths. Finally, you get a three way foot worship bonanza with all three girls sucking and licking each others’ feet and toes at the same time! This is a killer scene.

    Triple Your Pleasure - Alexis, Renee & Rachelle

  • Slow Stocking Seduction – Alexis & Carmen

    Alexis and Carmen seduce each other in this mindbending scene! They start off kissing — mouths, hands, arms, necks… Carmen works her way down Alexis’ body, down her stocking-clad leg, right down to her tasty toes. Carmen stuffs those stocking-wrapped toes into her mouth and sucks them like you would. She then peels off one of Alexis’ stockings and starts giving those bare toes and sole the worshipping they deserve. The other stocking comes off and Carmen takes on both feet, on her back with all Alexis’ toes in her face. Carmen then gets her own toes sucked and licked. Alexis pulls off her stockings, licking Carmen’s soles and between her toes as she does it. This is one hot scene that ends with these foot loving femmes deeply kissing!

    Slow Stocking Seduction - Alexis & Carmen