• Renee – Stocking Sole Tease

    Renee is lying on the couch in a pair of sheer while stockings. She is trying to slow tease you into submission. She rubs her feet together, and up and down the leg as you zoom in on her plump CHOPPAS. She then sits up, and you get a nice view of her toes in the stockings before she starts to inch them off. First the one leg, then the next. Once off, she lifts up both her feet so you get a nice view of those moist soles. She again rubs her feet up and down her leg before closing this out by blowing you a kiss and wave. Niiiice!

    Renee - Stocking Sole Tease

  • Jersey – THE POSE

    Jersey is enjoying a lovely fall day. She starts out sitting upright, rubbing her fingers on her narrow feet, long unpainted toes. She then rolls over onto her stomach, and assumes the POSE. In this clip, you get a lot of nice SOLE, and toe curling close ups back and front. Another nice one for those who love long narrow feet and toes.

    Jersey - THE POSE

  • Alexis Slow Stocking Tease

    There is a certain SOMETHING about Alexis. I saw it the first time I met and interviewed her. In this clip she is wearing a pair of fishnet stockings. Alexis has been with us long enough she knows exactly how to slow tease you into submission. First you get some nice close ups of her toes wiggling in the stockings, then we pan up her leg. She slowly eases off one stocking very slowly down to her bare toes. She rubs her hands down her bare legs, and her toes wiggle and curl on a close up before moving to the next leg. Now she begins to inch down that that stocking as well. She knows how to tease you nice and slow you are sure to enjoy. Now both legs are bare and she crosses her legs and you get some more close ups as her toes wiggle and curl. Some killer close up sole shots of those soft soles. Perfection!

    Alexis Slow Stocking Tease

  • Renee – Posing & Toe Curling Sole Tease

    Two clips in one! Another nice pose teaser from new girl Renee. She is a bit nervous as you will see in this one. But for those who love insane toe wiggling, here you go. She does a lot of toe wiggling, curling, spreading throughout these clips. Renee is also mastering some of the sexy looks when the cameras on her for solo scenes. Enjoy!

    Renee - Posing & Toe Curling Sole Tease

  • Sydney – Stocking Tease

    This is a nice clips with cute Sydney. It has something for everyone. We start out with Sydney slowly inching on some fishnet stockings. I follow her fingers and hands as she inches those nylons over her sexy feet. Once she has them both on, she then flips over on her stomach and lies on the bed. This way I get a nice lingering shot of those curled up toes and soles in the fishnets. Delicious. I then signal her to assume THE POSE so I get some nice toe wiggling and curled up stocking shots of her sexy feet. I walk around for some close ups of those wrinkled stocking soles and eventually back out to get a smiling face and posed soles in the background for your delight. You will love this!

    Sydney - Stocking Tease

  • Allie – Soles & Flip Flops

    Allie comes walking in wearing flip flops. She sits down on the couch, and reads her magazine. While reading and relaxing, I zoom in for some close ups of her pretty pink toes in the flips. She then crosses her leg, and does a dangle for a bit with the flips before she removes it. She then curls, spreads, and wiggles her toes while I zoom in and out. She then does the same with the next one. After a little teasing that way, she props her feet up on the table. You get some more nice zoomed in wiggling, and close ups of her long toes. I then have her cross her legs so you get a KILLER SOLE VIEW of her sexy feet as she keeps curling, and wiggling for your delight. For those who’ve enjoyed the sole teases, and custom sole series. This one’s for you!

    Allie - Soles & Flip Flops

  • Sore Stocking Suck – Tara & Summer

    Summer and Tara just finished with their dance class, but Summer’s tiny tootsies are tired. Tara is a good friend, and offers to rub them to make her feel better. While rubbing on them, you get some toe talk as Tara admires her feet, and asks Summer if she has ever had someone pay attention to her feet. In no time Tara is deep throating fishnet big toes as she licks and passionately sucks on Summer’s toes. First the one foot, then the next… When it comes time for Tara to remove those stockings she takes it REALLY SLOW peelign them off inch by inch, then pausing to suck on the stocking toes some more, and using her teeth, then going back to pull the stocking off a bit more. So for you slow stocking tease patrons, you will enjoy this. Once she gets the stockings off. She puts in the same passionate loving lick on Summer’s sexy feet, and tiny toes. You get some nice SOLE VIEWS of Summer’s soft feet and toes as they get worshipped. Summer then offers to return.. and she puts in a good loving lick on those white sheer stocking long toes of Tara. She licks and sucks the one foot, and then removes the stocking to suck on that big toe. She then moves on to the next leg. First stocking toes, and then bare. Summer’s tongue snakes between Tara’s french fry toes, and then Tara grabs Summer’s foot as they get into a full on DOUBLE FOOT WORSHIP AT THE SAME TIME. Two lovelies passionately working each other’s feet, and ending in a kiss. Can YOU say SCHAWING!!

    Sore Stocking Suck - Tara & Summer

  • Summer – Soles, Soles, Soles

    Two clips in one! 1) Cute little summer is more than ready to toe tease you like crazy. You get a LOT of toe pointing, curling, spreading in this clip. She did everything we had asked her to, and by now seems to know exactly what the foot lovers wanna see, and is not afraid to give it to them. You start out with a face, before panning to toe tops. Then we go behind the chair, and see those soles, and toes curling before rolling back around. Now summer puts her feet on table, and you get a lot of wiggling, point, curling. We then get a toes top view, before rolling back to some more sweet soles. She even has a nice big smile for ya. — 2) Another nice one with Summer and her tiny toes. For this clip, she was relaxing outside while we were shooting some other stuff. So we brought out the camera, and had Summer work some magic. We get a nice face shot before panning down for a toe tops view. She then props her feet up on the table, and you get a VERY close up toe wiggling, pointing, and curling show. Sometimes almost TOO close. You get it from a nice IN YOUR FACE sole view, before we get a top down glimpse of the toe wiggling before returning to the soles. We end in classic style with feet in your FACE and her smiling and waving in the background. Niiiice.

    Summer - Soles, Soles, Soles

  • Ashley – Toe Wigglers Delight

    Ashley from the time she came to work for us seemed to know how to work those feet to the max… Between the toe curling, wiggling, and spreading, she seems to get off on you getting off on her toes. She has some awesome wrinkled soles if that’s you thing. In this clip she starts out in sandals, and then slowly kicks off the first, then the other. You get a lot of toe wiggling, and spreading. We go around for a sole view, and she holds her feet up so you get a KILLER sole shot as she teases you with some wiggling. Then she switches over to her stomach, and assumes the POSE. Now you get some nice feet, and face shots as she continues toe teasing you. You get a nice smile and wave to close it out.

    Ashley - Toe Wigglers Delight

  • Holly – Slow Stocking Tease

    Cute 18 year old Holly is just an all American girl next door. In this clip, she is in a pair of fishnet stockings. We get some nice close ups of her fire engine red toes in the stockings before she stars inching them off. After getting off the first one, she rubs out her feet before moving on the to next one. She inches off that one as well. Once both stockings are off, she props her feet up on the footstool so you get a nice toe spreading, and curling SOLE IN YOUR FACE view of those sexy feet. I then whip around to a toe tops view so you get the best of both worlds before ending with a nice smile. Nice.

    Holly - Slow Stocking Tease