• Aliese – Soles & Pose

    Two clips in one! 1) Aliese is very shy, but is all smiles. She is a sweet girl, and with those big toes, and meaty soles she is ready to tease you into submission. In this clip she starts out sitting at the table, you get a toe tops view before I walk behind her, and zoom in on her soles under the chair. You get some spreading, curling, and wiggling shots… Nice! I then walk back around, and have her put her feet up on the table, and you get a nice in your face shot of those soles and wiggling toes. I walk around to get a close up of the toe tops. I then walk back around for another lingering shot of those soft soles, and full length shot to get Aliese’s smile and blowing you a kiss. — 2) Aliese has a cute smile, and nice size 9 feet with some plump toes, and meaty soles. For those big foot lovers who like their feet with a little meat, she has what you are looking for. You start out with a toe tops view, before she rolls over on her stomach. You get a nice lingering sole shot before I have her bend her legs and assume THE POSE. You get some nice toe wiggling, curling, and point both from front, and soles before ending in a smiling face to feet full body shot. Nice!

    Aliese - Soles & Pose

  • Stocking Love – Sasha & Monica

    Monica is enjoying a relaxing day when Sasha walks in on her. After noticing how good her feet look in those sheer stockings, Sasha has another idea. After quickly removing the shoes, Sasha works over Monica’s stocking clad toes with her tongue. Sucking and licking on her feet before removing the stocking and continueing on her bare feet.. Sasha now moves on to the other foot. Sucking and licking on Monica’s feet while still in the stockings before removing that one as well. Monica, if you you’ve seen her other clips, loves having any of her girlfriends working over her sexy feet, and long toes. This is no exception. Lots of nice IN YOUR FACE sole views. Monica does have some killer soles. Now Monica wants to return some lovin. After getting Sasha comfortable, she goes toe work.. There are tons of killer sole shots in this as well right in your face as Monica works Sasha’s feet. The way she sucks, and works her big toe is enough to give you lift off alone, and once you see it. You’ll catch the drift. Monica then moves on to the other foot while putting Sasha’s foot on her breast. More hot sucking of Sasha’s plump toes, and killer facial expressions as she is lovingly licked and sucked. Ending in a nice passionate kiss. The way Monica works Sasha’s big toe is enough to make this hot, but all around another nice one!

    Stocking Love - Sasha & Monica

  • Amy – The Lost Audition

    While cleaning out, and backing up my material to make room for some new goodies, I found this little gem. Amy is a cute 25 year old girl. She had did some modeling in the past, and wanted to model for us but things did not work out. All the same, this is her screen test, or audition. It was impromptu, so the color and lighting’s a bit off but this is still a beauty. She definitely knew what she was doing with her toes, and admitting that her and the bf were big time into footjobs, among other things. Well,… well… Anyways. You get some nice close ups of her cute french pedicured toes. Some nice IN YOUR FACE sole views as she wiggles and curls her toes before assuming THE POSE. I zero in on some more nice close ups, but nothing on film will convey the silky softness of these toes. Amy puts her soles together, the rubs them back and forth. She also does this toe tapping thing (think of tapping your fingers while waiting, or bored) that I have never seen another girl do in all my time of doing these. Amy gives you a lot of nice smiles along the way to keep you wanting more, and looking for some approval. One thing about her was on film she reminded me of Christina Applegate. In person,… well… let’s say the camera’s her friend ;) . Enjoy!

    Amy - The Lost Audition

  • Sydney – Stocking Tootsies

    Cute little Sydney is going to toe tease you and your tongue into submission. She starts out bare foot, and you get a nice close up of her tiny toes wiggling. She then grabs her first fishnet, rolls it up, and slips it on her foot. You get some nice fishnet reinforced toe close ups of her tiny tootsies. She smoothes out the stocking once she gets it on, and moves on to the next. Slowly inching it on, smoothing it out, before I zoom in for some nice stocking toe top views. I then move to the floor where I get her stocking soles right in my face. Sydney tease you with a lot of nice toe curling clenching and spreading in the stockings. Delicious. We close it out with a big Sydney smile.

    Sydney - Stocking Tootsies

  • Allie – Outdoor Feet & Stocking Tease

    Two clips in one! 1) This is a nice clip from last year I had forgotten about. Whoops. In this clip Allie is out in the backyard in her bikini. I have her sitting on the table doing a lot of nice toe wiggling. She is doing a dangle, minus the shoe but you get some nice close ups of her long toes wiggling. I then have her switch around to lay on her stomach. Much like the POSE but she has her feet crossed at the ankles. This gives me a superb view on those soft sole, and long toes. You just wanna lick and nibble em! She then assumes THE POSE and you get some more of that toe curling, and wiggling. I walk around the table to get the action from different angles, and some more soft sole shots. I then close out this little gem with a big smile and her tootsies in the background. Outstanding! — 2) This is a nice clips with Allie. It has something for everyone. We start out with Allie slowly inching on some fishnet stockings. I follow her fingers and hands as she inches those nylons over her sexy feet. Once she has them both on, she then flips over on her stomach and lies on the bed. This way I get a nice lingering shot of those curled up toes and soles in the fishnets. I then signal her to assume THE POSE so I get some nice toe wiggling and curled up stocking shots of her sexy feet. I walk around for some close ups of those wrinkled stocking soles and eventually back out to get a smiling face and posed soles in the background for your delight. You will love this!

    Allie - Outdoor Feet & Stocking Tease